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MeCCG.net endeavours to become the place to find and share information about ICE's Middle-earth Collectible Card Game. We are building a large multi-lingual community website here to which in time we hope to gather the many enthousiastic Middle-earth CCG webmasters with their content. More information about his and how you can be a part of it can be found on our forums.

Meanwhile, we already offer a home to MeCCG sites looking for hosting and / or preparing to become part of the new integrated website.
We have the following active sites here (in no particular order):

 To talk about MeCCG as well as the plans for and development of this website and many other MeCCG (governing) projects.

Dutch Council Site
Offers lots of general info too, current home of the official rules page

Belgian Council Site
The Belgian Council has come back to life. Will their website too?

North American Championships 2006
The website of the 2006 Championships for North America

Worlds 2006 Website
Info about the 2006 World Championships

and we have archived these (older) sites here (these are no longer updated)

the NetMECCG Homepage
(A cherished piece of MeCCG-online history and still arguably the best deckbuilder for Windows)

Mailing List Archive
(Info about and a partial archive of the main (English language) MeCCG mailing list)

Worlds 2005 Website
(Info, results and reports about the Worlds 2005 tournament weekend)

Worlds 2004 Website
(Info about the Worlds 2004 tournament weekend)

Gaming in Middle-earth Convention
(MeCCG Worlds 2003)

Old Man Willow
(Dream Cards)

(German web site)

Note that the archived sites have been posted on-line as they were. The MeCCG.net team has not reviewed their content in detail. If you believe something to be wrong with one of them, please sent a note to webmaster-at-meccg.net and we'll have a look at it.

MeCCG.net founded by Wim Heemskerk, also known from his store Gwaihir.net