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The international MeCCG mailinglist is the place to chat about MeCCG, ask rules questions, get help no matter how new and green you are, etc. The NetRep, the official rules guru appointed by the Council of Elrond, is also present and publishes his rules digests here.

Subscribing is easy. Just press this subscribe link and send the e-mail (there need not be anything in it). You can then send your messages to metw@silent-tower.org and will receive them from that address as well. Should you ever get fed up with the list, unsubscribing is just as easy: press this unsubscribe link and send the e-mail.

Out here we have the public archives of this mailing list. You may browse them whether you are subscribed or not. These archives start Dec 1 2003. An older archive up to June 18 2003 can be found here (mails sent in between these two dates are archived in a less accessible way only). Note that you should sent mail to the list only, not directly to one of the archives.