Card ideas

The core design team is Miika Karmitsa and A-P Alestalo. When creating cards, we are keeping the overall theme in mind, while trying to offer some fresh, unbeforeseen concepts. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads into a staggeringly long card text (like in the most notorious Mockery). That is nothing new in MECCG, though.

The main share of the ideas come from the books, but as our design team has played MERP too, a few cards are based on the material provided by ICE. Not all (actually, only a few) of the cards have been play-tested, but we are doing our best to create well-balanced cards, of course.


Middle-earth: Collectible Card Game is a registered trademard of Iron Crown Enterprises, Inc. Tolkien Enterprises owns rights to all Tolkien related material, I guess. Images used in the illustrated cards are gathered from all over the internet and are considered to be public domain. If not, please E-mail me and any material offending copyrights will be immediatly removed.

This site

The site is made mainly with Macromedia Dreamweaver and it uses javascript and stylesheets. The card images are created with Paint Shop Pro. The University of Jyväskylä is hosting these pages, but as the site is growing larger, it seems that it must be converted to use a database some day. If anyone knows a free, non-commercial host with MySQL and PHP capabilities, please drop me a line and I would be very grateful.

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