Links to MECCG card idea resources

The Black Council of Mordor has a lot of excellent ideas for new cards, not to mention their own expansion project - The Great Worms.

Glomeor has created an interesting mini-expansion called Middle-earth: Nine for Mortal Men, Doomed to Die. All 40 cards are also represented graphically.

The ME:Net Card Hive. Andrew Sitte has some cool ideas, along with a few from Bored of the Rings!

Steve Hess' site offers a good bunch of theoretical cards nicely divided in categories.

Trevor Stone's site used to maintain the Card of the Day archive. There are some new card ideas as well here.

Other MECCG links

Council of Barad-Dûr. The Finnish MECCG council.

Council of Ered Nimrais. The Austrian council not only has a very nifty site design, but also offers forums, articles and a great download-section.

The Council of the Isles of the Dead That Live. The Dutch council is filled with content.

Chris' MECCG Trading Center. The most comprehensive trading page there is.

Lair of the Morgul-rats. Another excellent all-around MECCG site. If it isn't there, it isn't there.

MECCG Card Database. The name says it all - a very handy searchable database with full card texts.

Yahoo! Groups metw is the only active MECCG discussion group left.

Other Middle-earth links

The Encyclopedia of Arda. Ever wondered where all these ideas for cards come from? Not necessarily from this site, but it's a very good place for checking references. How many MECCG enthusiasts aren't interested in the LotR movie news and rumours?

Rolozo Tolkien has hundreds of Middle-earth related pictures by various artists.

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