A caption from Willow-Man is Tamed by Ted Nashmith

"...ageing no quicker than the hills, the fathers of the fathers of the trees, remembering times when they were lords. Their countless years had filled them with pride and rooted wisdom and with malice. But none was more dangerous than the Great Willow: his heart was rotten but his strength was green; and he was cunning, and a master of the winds, and his song ran through the woods on both sides of the river. His gray thirsty spirit drew power out of the earth and spread like fine root-threads in the ground, and invisible twig-fingers in the air, till it had under its dominion nearly all the trees of the Forest from the Hedge to the Downs."


Old Man Willow is a site dedicated to the Middle-earth Collectible Card Game (MECCG or METW) and especially to new cards created by the ever strong player base of the game.

Some of the listed cards have an option to view a JPG illustration, which are quite large (over 300 KB), so please be patient while the image loads. Please submit any card ideas you have - they will be added to the list and your credits below.

The current list of contributing authors includes: Ari-Pekka Alestalo, Miika Karmitsa and Christoph Schürmann.

Please E-mail me any comments or suggestions you have. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

Miika Karmitsa, oldmanwillow@go.to

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Site news

February 7, 2002
Added a minion ally The Great Willow, an About-section, and edited the text of Dark Study. Using a new hazard template, Dawn Comes Early and Legacy of Carcaroth are now illustrated as well.

February 6, 2002
New template for Hero factions available. New cards include: Amon Anwar, a hero & minion version of Amon Lhaw, Banishment, Cairn Andros, Council of Elrond, Garrison of Cair Andros, Power of Persuasion and Thieves of Tharbad.

February 5, 2002
Created a quick template refence for font sizes and -types used in the illustrated cards. Now it's even easier to create your own cards. Also, the site should look better than before with Netscape now.

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