playing drughu at opponent hold,rebuilt and repaired site

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playing drughu at opponent hold,rebuilt and repaired site

Post by Epic » Fri Jun 25, 2004 4:56 pm

Hi all,

do my Characters get the +2 to prowess from Durghu in CvsCC at a :R: when opponent has turned his copy of the site into a :S: with Hold,Rebuild and Repaired?


-Drughu: Playable on a hero company during your orgazniation phase if you discard a ranger character from your hand. All characters in the company this turn receive +2 prowess against attacks keyed to Wilderness :w: and during combat at Ruins & Lairs :R:.

-Hold Rebuilt and Repaired: Playable on a non-Dragon's lair, non-Under-deeps Ruins & Lairs :R:. The site becomes a Shadow-hold :S: and all automatic-attacks become detainment. Discard this card when the site is discarded or returned to its location deck.

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Post by Yü-Gung » Sun Jun 27, 2004 7:33 pm

A permanent-event played on a site affects only the copy of the site it is played on, unless otherwise specified. A permanent-event not played on a site affects all versions of affected sites.

This one falls into the first category: it is played on a site and does not specify otherwise, so it only his copy of the site is changed to :S:
Since your company is still at a :R: during CVCC they would receive the bonus from Drughu.

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