Bring Our Curses Home

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Bring Our Curses Home

Post by bulabula » Sun Aug 22, 2010 11:24 pm

Bring Our Curses Home

Playable on a non-Wizard character whose company is facing a hazard creature attack.  Discard this card if no character is eliminated by the attack.  If any character is eliminated, place creature's card with this card-creature is considered off to the side.  Target character's company faces an attack from creature at the start of each movement/hazard phase if creature is playable. Discard associated creature's card if this card is discarded.  Discard this card if associated creature is defeated.

1) At the start of the movement/hazard phase can you play an environment card to make the creature playable?

2) If the attack is defeated, does your opponent gain the marshalling points?
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Konrad Klar
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Post by Konrad Klar » Mon Aug 23, 2010 11:14 am

At the start of the movement/hazard phase it is checked whether creature is playable or not. If it is playable the attack is declared as one of actions in chain of effect (there may be multiple actions in this chain of effects, e.g. if multiple copies of Bring Our Curses Home is played on characters in company, and/or start of M/H phase coincides with other conditions e.g. the company is moving through regions affected by Dragon Ahunt).

Any card played after this check is played too late to change result of the check.

Yes. The creature (not attack created by event) is attacking the company. So if attack will be defeated, MPs will be granted as for defeating a creature.
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