CotT: Great Fissure

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CotT: Great Fissure

Post by Peter » Wed Oct 26, 2005 10:16 am

Ok, I never played Balrog but this card is so simple it's hard to miss the value of it.

Great Fissure is a bally only short-event with 2 alternate effects. &nbsp;First of all it's a chain of effects beast that cancels an effect earlier in the chain that cancels an attack of Bally and his company against another company. So it's basically a CvCC cancel-canceler. The second effect is a normal canceler. An attack against a company in the under-deeps or moving to or from it is canceled, no questions asked.

Now let's see. I'll start with the second effect. To put it bluntly, it rocks. You can cancel basically any attack in the under-deeps, which means this card is extremely useful for any deck that uses the under-deeps. Note that the wording even allows it to cancel auto-attacks and stuff like Lord and Ursurper. Given how dangerous things can get down there this card really is extremely useful. And you don't even need to tap anything for it or have a specific type of character in your company to play it.

The first effect is a tad less poweful, but only a tad. It allows you to prevent your opponent from blocking your Bally versus wimps CvCC with a stupid little canceler. Given the chance of meeting a canceler that's a pretty good ability. Of course the downside is that Mr Fire Demon has to be involved in the CvCC, but let's face it, that's what you wanted to do anyway, right?

Perhaps the biggest plus of this card lies in the fact that it combines the two abilities. You can hold it in your hand to secure your CvCC and if you didn't meet a canceler you can use it to protect one of your companies. Now that's playability.

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