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[Minion (balrog) resource] Under-Leas Squatter

Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2005 9:46 pm
by Zarathustra
This is one of the cheezier decks in the game.  It's recently been surpassed by the likes of Red Hills, but it continues to rank among the most annoying resource strats.


Buthrakaur / Strange Rations

Orders from the Great Demon

In Deck:

3 The Balrog


1 Ancient Black Axe
3 Iron Shield of Old
2 Blasting Fire
1 Liquid Fire
3 Records Unread

1 Great Bats
1 Stinker

1 Snaga-Hai

3 Dark Tryst
2 Voices of Malice
2 Angband Revisited
2 Great Shadow
2 Great Fissure
2 Hide in Dark Places
2 Catch an Elusive Scent
2 We Have Come to Kill


No DoN, no Orcs, no redoubled force, no undead boosters.  In other words, don't shoot yourself in the foot.

Key Sideboard Cards:

1 Threats
2 Tribute Garnered
1 Orcs of Gundabad
1 Voices of Malice
1 Sudden Call
3 Hill Troll
3 Troll Lout
3 Orc-Tracker
3 Sly Southerner
1 Hide in Dark Places

Play Tips:

Start Doeth at Moria.  Keep him there all game.

Send the others with some Hill Trolls etc. to the Under-Leas.  Stay there all game.  Play lotsa stuff.  Keep untapping the site with your Records Unread (use Catch an Elusive scent to play it, perhaps even by having a Sly S come to kill in the site phase after the rest of your work is done).

MP Breakdown:

Character: ~12
Item: ~13
Ally: 1-3
Faction: 1-4
Misc: 0-2
Total: 27-32