[Fallen Alatar resource] The Game-Warden

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[Fallen Alatar resource] The Game-Warden

Post by Zarathustra » Wed Sep 28, 2005 6:00 pm

This deck doesn't try for The Great Hunt or lots of Dragon Factions.  It's just a quick little safe Eriador deck that might or might not get a single dragon faction.  On the other hand, it's unexpectedly fast and high-scoring.  Give it a try!


Gloin / Squire of the Hunt
Gulla / Cram
Beretar / Paste


Wizard's Trove

In Deck:

3 Alatar
1 Fram Framson
1 Dasakun
1 Raisha
1 Ioreth


1 Fortresss of the Towers
1 Gatherer of Loyalties
1 Huntsman's Garb
1 Great Patron
1 Join the Hunt
1 Wizard's Myrmidon

2 Dark Tryst
2 A Short Rest
2 We Have Come to Kill
2 Voices of Malice
2 Longbottom Leaf
2 A Friend or Three
2 Risky Blow

2 War-Wolf
2 War-Warg
1 The Warg-King
1 Tom Bombadil

1 Durin's Axe
1 Orcrist
1 Sapling of the White Tree

1 Rangers of the North

Key Sideboard Cards:

2 True Fana
2 The Hunt
1 Scorba Roused (these 5 go into disc pile when alatar comes into play)
2 Marvels Told
1 Mischief in a Mean Way
1 The White Tree
1 Safe From the Shadow
1 An Untimely Brood
1 Wormsbane

Play Tips:

Leave Halbarad behind, of course.  He brings in ioreth under him.  They squat, play MT, and get wolves after Brood hits the table.  If you want to be a little more dangerous, try playing with the Palantir as well (for the extra hand size).  Meanwhile, the 4 guys have some fun in eriador: all have prowess >4, are warriors, and 3 are rangers as well.  Use Weathertop and Ost-in-Edhil for Wolves.  Get Tom, rangers at their respective sites.  Grab the axe or sapling at Barrow Downs.  Carn Dum is a nice stop for Orcrist, since gulla can let you in.  Mischief up :B: and store sapling/play white tree on your last turn for a big 7 MPs.  All in all, a fun, cool deck!

MP Breakdown:

Character: 11
Item: 9-13
Ally: 9
Faction: 2-6
Misc: 1-8
Total: 32-47

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