[Fallen Saruman] Into the Smoking Cone

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[Fallen Saruman] Into the Smoking Cone

Post by Bandobras Took » Thu Nov 17, 2005 11:37 pm

I thought I couldn't get any more unworkable than my Fallen Saruman One Ring deck, but here it is . . .

Starting Company:
Thrall of the Voice
The Forge-master
2 x Shadow-cloak

Any of:

2 x Noble Steed


2 x Precious Gold Ring
2 x Vile Fumes

Stage Resources:
3 x Wizard's Trove
Spells Born of Discord
3 x Plotting Ruin
Never Refuse
Saruman's Ring

Other Resources:
2 x Longbottom Leaf
2 x Into the Smoking Cone
2 x Test of Form
2 x Great Army of the North
2 x The Tormented Earth
2 x Dark Tryst
2 x Veils of Shadow
Some Secret Art of Flame

2 x Lesser Ring
2 x Memories Recalled
2 x Rebuild the Town
2 x Mischief in a Mean Way
2 x Guarded Haven
2 x Govern the Storms
2 x White Light Broken
2 x Wizard's Test
3 x Half-orcs
3 x Greater Half-orcs
A Strident Spawn
2 x Magic Ring of Weals

The basic idea is to get a Ring out for Into the Smoking Cone, use Vile Fumes (played at a Ruin-Plotted Iron Hill Dwarf-Hold) to make Mount Doom a Ruins & Lairs, then Rebuild/Mischief/Guarded Haven it.  Store Into the Smoking Cone at Mount Doom and then try to play some Half-Orcs.

If you actually manage to pull it off, laugh at your opponent.  Even if you lose, laugh at him. :)

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