[hero resource] (Fast-)Moving Dwarves Dunk Deck

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[hero resource] (Fast-)Moving Dwarves Dunk Deck

Post by Zarathustra » Fri Jan 20, 2006 4:49 pm

Figured I might as well try to fill out the 'taxonomy', so here's a plug for one of the holes.


Thrain II / Cram
Gloin / Cram

Characters in Deck:

3 Radagast


3 Precious Gold Ring
3 Fair Gold Ring
3 Leaf-Brooch
1 Scroll of Isildur

3 A Chance Meeting
3 Smoke Rings
2 Longbottom Leaf

2 Withdrawn to Mordor
3 Concealment
2 Marvels Told
2 Bridge
2 Thorough Search
1 A Friend or Three

Key Sideboard Cards:

3 Wizard's Test
1 Test of Form
1 The One Ring
1 Master of Esgaroth
1 Ash Mountains
1 Marvels Told
2 A Friend or Three
1 Longbottom Leaf
1 Lucky Search

Play Tips:

It looks kinda like an Unexpected Party deck, but there's really no reason to actually play AUP: just put the little guys under the wizzie.  Try to get 2 items out of at least one site using Thorough Search.  Go to Lorien if you don't have anything to play at a given time: you might draw a brooch or bridge/ring.

Here's several site paths you might want to try (depending on your draw):

Lorien :arrow: Bandit Lair :arrow: Cirith Ungol :arrow: Mount Doom (arrive with Brooch, 2 rings, and scroll on fourth turn)
Moria :arrow: Bandit Lair :arrow: Lorien :arrow: Mount Doom (same arrival time/condition)
:arrow: Gladden Fields :arrow: The Lonely Mountain :arrow: Lorien :arrow: Easterling Camp/Mt Doom (again)

You get the idea, right? :D

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