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[hero; vs hero; resources] The Thra*'s in Borderland

Posted: Wed Jun 09, 2004 3:09 am
by Epic
Hi all,

i've been playing this one for the last couple of games now and to my surprise i managed to win 6/7. Maybe the audience has some further improvements :wink:


Thrain + Cram
Thranduil + Cram

-> Deck: Aragorn, Gloin/Balin, Eomer


2x A Chance Meeting
1x And forth he hastened
3x Forwarned is Forarmed
1x Glamour of Surpassing Excellence
1x Hundreds of Butterflies
2x Longbottom Leaf
2x Marvels Told
3x Muster
1x Sated Beast
1x Smoke Rings
2x Withdrawn

Iron Hill Dwarvs
Men of Dorwinion
Riders of Rohan
3x No Strangers at this Time
2x Noble Steed

Alliance of Free Peoples
Durins Axe/Free to choose
Houses of healing
Marvels Told
Return of the King
Sated Beast
Lucky Search/Enruned shield


Stay in :b: , go to :F: , avoid cave-drake,sellswords,...

Most factions are auto with muster/bonuses from chars (+di)

Get item(s) towards the end of first cylce.

Watch out for Alone and Unadvised and heavy agent decks! (AáU is responsible for the loss :cry: )

In the last 2-3 games i managed to get almost enough mp to call within the first turns, still having 25+ cards in playdeck. Actually there are lots mp within the reach of Rivendell (+1Cram, that i only use if i don't go first)

All in all a nice and smooth deck to play, ignoring all those default haz. (Lost in x, Corsairs). As said the only pain ind the a.. is AaU, so i usually keep a copy of Marvels Told in hand.

oh, i nearly forgot: hazards! well get baduila and that stinker out before opponent does 8)



Posted: Wed Jun 09, 2004 10:08 am
by Zarathustra
:arrow: Only 2 free GI... sounds like call of home and muster disperses bait to me. I didnt see a wizard... is there one to control one of these guys? If not, maybe go with Saw Further and Deeper.
:arrow: Also, do the dwarf/elf combo stick together? If so, unhappy blows would really really hurt (if someone actually packs it...).
:arrow: Sated Beast??
:arrow: Why Treebeard? He can't go to many of your sites... I'd say go Quickbeam if you want to move him a lot, leaflock if you want to stick around. His Tombo-like skill is really underestimated.
:arrow: This deck looks familiar... OH YEAH, IT'S A RIP OF MY FALLEN GANDALF DECK! Rant off.

Looks nasty. Be sure to beat Bmin with it sometime.


Posted: Wed Jun 09, 2004 10:49 am
by Epic
thxs so far.

i guess it was a little late here when i wrote this one, so here are a few thoughts about certain cards

wiz -> G or Rada ; both have their homesite in reach and i like the +1 cc

the wiz definitly must control one of these guys in order to be safe to play alliance. if one gets called home (only little decks start with call of home, mostly that "All your DI are belong to us"-Decks) before the wizard can take control of the situation, well things happen. maybe you loose an ally. anyway, the char is in hand and can still be brought back into play at haven/homesite/[b]Chance meeting![/b] to get a faction :D .

As the Thra's are no brothers they only share the first way(s). Who plays a cave-drake on a company 2x7/8/cram? Unhappy Blows in playdeck? Never!

sated beast is there to cancel ahunts (and i like to have a non-seen card in here :wink: ) + new to me was the fact that i cannot MT an ahunt dragon, when it gets played on a company moving in that regions (scatha, bairanax).

hmm. i played quickbeam in a first version, but using treebeard for MT is better imho. so thrain or gloin gets him, still being able to play enough resources in anduin vales, rohan and gap of isen. (wiz gets the iron hill dwarvs then or even Thranduil :!: with muster 3+5-2=6; >2).

i think brian is already in my winlist with this one 8)


Posted: Wed Jun 09, 2004 10:55 am
by Epic
This deck looks familiar... OH YEAH, IT'S A RIP OF MY FALLEN GANDALF DECK! Rant off.
i guess you have build all possible decks within MECCG :wink:
so, sorry for not being able to reinvent the game 8)

Posted: Wed Jun 09, 2004 12:48 pm
by Zarathustra
No harm meant by that comment ;).
sated beast is there to cancel ahunts (and i like to have a non-seen card in here ) + new to me was the fact that i cannot MT an ahunt dragon, when it gets played on a company moving in that regions (scatha, bairanax).
"fact"? I'd call it something more like a "dirty rotten lie", but that's just me....

There's probably better stuff you could put in the deck than sated beast, imho.

GJ beating brian: was it is cheezagast deck? Always makes me happy when that goes down... 8)


Posted: Wed Jun 09, 2004 1:12 pm
by Lord Leuber
Well, there was a discussion on the mailing list about whether or not you could cancel an Ahunt with MT, but of course I forgot what the outcome was... :oops:

Posted: Wed Jun 09, 2004 1:35 pm
by Jambo
You can cancel Ahunts with MT/VoM.

I've played that cheezagast deck of Brian's, which squats and plays lanterns in Deep mines and ally after ally at Rhosgobel. I think it beat mine by a point. :evil:

Posted: Wed Jun 09, 2004 2:06 pm
by Epic
k, sated beast goes out, another MT is in.
any further suggestions?

(not sure about bmins radacheeze deck but i believe)

Posted: Thu Jun 10, 2004 10:36 am
by Zarathustra
:arrow: I'd go with only 2 Forewarned is Forearmed -- your guys aren't too tempting for Assassins with 7 prowess anyway....
:arrow: Lucky Search/Enruned Shield is a cool combo, but you're rather low on scouts... probably not worth the effort.
:arrow: Maybe put the Men of Dorwinion in the sideboard as you'd have to dump both crams to reach them on the first turn, and even after that they're pretty tough to get to.
:arrow: If you want a nice extra-movement card and something unexpected, throw in some twice-baked cakes for play at all those :F:s.
:arrow: Why do you say this is for HvH only? This deck seems quite capable of being played vs minions to me. In fact, it might even do better against minions, as you wouldn't have to worry about the Alliance of Free Peeps boosting your opponent or CVCC much at all (who wants to go to Wellinghall 2x2@10 for a major item and CVCC vs those brutes of yours?). Also, you seem to need certain characters rather badly, so bouncing wouldnt be an issue. Just a thought....

Good deck!