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[Fallen Pallando] Purple Hills reloaded

Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2009 3:29 pm
by Old Tuk

this deck is a pretty cheezy Fallen Pallando deck. It made me win German and Suisse Nats 2008 and performed quite well in the 2009er Nations Cup. Until today it won 10/11 games (lost one vs Trossel the Dunk-machine).


Eradan, Pon-ora-Pon, Threlin, Firiel
Blazon of the Eye, Open to the Summons
Thrall of the Voice, Stave of Pallando

Faramir (to deck)
Oin, Ghan-buri-Ghan, Surion, Elladan, Gloin (out of play; consider to use the agents as hazards)


A Friend or Three
A Friend or Three
Marvels Told
Hall of Fire
Hall of Fire
Smoke Rings
Smoke Rings
Longbottom Leaf
Longbottom Leaf
Eyes of Mando
Tempering Friendship
Voices of Malice
Voices of Malice
Weigh All Things to a Nicety
Weigh All Things to a Nicety
Woses of the Eryn Vorn [M]
Dark Tryst
Dark Tryst
Petty-dwarves [M]
A Strident Spawn
Fortress of the Towers
Gatherer of Loyalties
Great Patron
Guarded Haven
Hidden Haven
Hidden Haven
Hidden Haven
Wizard's Myrmidon
Pallando's Apprentice
Truths of Doom


3x Fallen Pallando
Gulla, Ciryaher, Layos


Bill the Pony
Wizard's Ring
Marvels Told
Free to Choose
Mistress Lobelia
Crack in the Wall
Gifts as Given of Old
Ill-favoured Fellow
Promptings of Wisdom
Guarded Haven
Mischief in a Mean Way
Mischief in a Mean Way
Greater Half-orcs
Greater Half-orcs
Prophet of Doom
Long Grievious Siege
Long Grievious Siege

[sideboard strategy]

1. Put 2x Half-Orcs, 2x Greater Half-Orcs, Ill-favoured Fellow to discard
2. Mischief in a mean way, Crack in the Wall, Lobelia to deck (grab Bill the Pony with Lobelias ability from deck or discard)
3. Wizards Ring to deck
4. Long Grievous Siege, Guarded Haven, Free to Choose to deck

Prophet of Doom, 2nd Mieschief and Crack in the Wall are optional if you prefer to use less ressources in SB.

[ressource strategy]

Funny thing about this deck: If you dont count characters you have only 8 MP in deck. Rest comes out of SB. That may slow you down a bit, so make sure to play your Dark Trysts wisely. Although you play tons of cards each orga phase and draw as hell (beware of Khamul!). If needed Eradan can head to Himring [M] or Rivendell to draw cards.

Turn 1: Wose and Dwarf go to the Worthy Hills (Hidden Haven) and squat there all game. When Faramir joined Firiel and Eradan, those three go to Bree, Mieschief it and play the allys. Eradan could try to Mieschief another Borderhold later but that usually doesnt work. Pallando squats as well, bringing characters under his DI and plays the item.

Key card is A Strident Spawn. If you draw it late, it will make you swear and sigh. I never lost a game due to this though and in most games I had it only for my last turn in play... :? Remember to use the Stave in your end-of-turn even if you dont have Spawn in play! You might draw it in opponents phase and want to have a faction in hand next turn. If it happens that you draw the Spawn very late then you must collect Half-Orcs in your hand until you are able to play them. Until then you might have 3 protected havens and some characters with good odds on them. Use Spawn to play a fellow under anyones DI if you dont have a character by hand in an orga-phase.

I used DoN hazards vs hero because Shadow of Mordor speeds your deck flow up a bit and Enviroment hazards slow opponents down. Versus minion I used Undead. Corruption would be ok, too, vs both alignements.

[TP breakdown]

Characters: 15-17
Items: 1
Factions: 6 - 16
Allys: 2
Miscellanous: 7 - 12

Total: 31 - 48

edit: Changed the starting company. Ghan out, Pon in.
edit2: Changed the fact that Pallando should play the item lately. If you dont play against corruption play the item early to make character playing and faction influencing easier.

Posted: Mon Feb 16, 2009 2:31 pm
by karmi
I've sometimes used Token of Goodwill in trick decks that need an Unique card like Strident's Spawn early. Since Threlin is a diplomat and you are heading to a Man AA site (and might even face the Corsairs), it may be worth a shot. You will lose a minor item in the process though.

Fun++, but it would make the deck less cheezy, I'm afraid ;)

Posted: Mon Feb 16, 2009 3:49 pm
by Marcos
that or use eyes of mandos and cycle it with pallando's hood... It might reduce your sideboarding but it will still be cheeze :D

Posted: Mon Feb 16, 2009 6:42 pm
by Pinch
Fun, the other day I was with a friend a nd we built a very similar deck. I didnt knew that this was the deck you used in NatsCup :P so we thought it was an original modification of Alfano`s deck, but seems not even so :(

Altough i use Stealth to move Ghan buri Ghan and threlin to worthy hills since im really afraid of corsairs and cave drakes

Also, Eoug and his 3 DI might be a good option for half orcs

BTW Im Asathor in GCCG... anyone knows how to change User Name from Pinch to Asathor?

Posted: Mon Feb 16, 2009 6:45 pm
by Marcos
just ask any moderator to do so

Posted: Tue Feb 17, 2009 1:00 pm
by Old Tuk

Thanks for replies!

Pallandos Hood isnt a bad idea. I used it at german nats (combined also with Gifts as Given of Old from discard). But for Nations Cup I dropped the Hood for another Tempering Friendship. The reason was freeing some space in sideboard for more hazards. And even so, Trossel caught me pretty much off-guard versus dunk. With the strategy I posted I normally collect 2-3 Half-Orc factions in hand and play them in one turn. I guess its a question of preference. Another disadvantage of the Hood: It has another CP. So Pallando would have 6 CP in the end. Might cause trouble against Lure hazards.

Stealth/Sneaking might do OK, but if you dont draw it in your starting hand you have one or even two dead cards in deck. Dont forget its turn 1 and the hazard-limit is only 2. You definately will face Cave-Drakes and Corsairs though. I faced them a lot and in few games Threlin got killed, but the probability that your opponent kills both is very low. If they survive they are safe and can heal quickly (Hidden Haven + Hall of Fire).

You might want to put Eoug to SB instead of the 2nd Fellow, that might be worth a try. I still recommend to add the Fellow to discard first cause you can play him under almost anyones DI.

And Asa, you are right, of course. Somehow it definately is a modification of Marks Purple Hills. I dont deny that and wanted to reference to that in the title. Actually I used the fact that this deck looks identical to Marks as a bluff. Some people told me after the game they sideboarded and collected hazards against a run to the Deep-Mines which never came.  :wink:

edit: I thought about it and maybe one could add a Eyes of Mando for a Tempering Friendship.

Re: [Fallen Pallando] New Purple Hills

Posted: Thu Feb 19, 2009 1:54 pm
by Old Tuk
Old Tuk wrote:Until today it won 10/11 games (lost one vs Trossel the Dunk-machine).
To be accurate: I forgot about another game I lost. It was against MuaDib playing The Red Hills. 36-38 in the end. :-/
I wish I had drawn that Guarded Haven earlier. ;-D

Posted: Thu Feb 19, 2009 1:56 pm
by Marcos
38/38 is a tie ;)

Posted: Thu Feb 19, 2009 1:58 pm
by Old Tuk
Marcos wrote:38/38 is a tie ;)
You answer faster than I can edit typos.  :lol:

Posted: Thu Feb 19, 2009 3:48 pm
by Manuel
I know your deck now! Caught you! ;P

Posted: Sat May 02, 2009 12:45 pm
by Ringbearer
Ok, MArtin, either you forget to add saw futher.. but I suspect you from forgetting to add the wiz himself. :P

Posted: Mon May 11, 2009 11:25 am
by Old Tuk
Ringbearer wrote:Ok, MArtin, either you forget to add saw futher.. but I suspect you from forgetting to add the wiz himself. :P
Bug fixed. ;)

btw: The deck had another nice performance in the online tournament. I used it vs Hero and Fallen. IIRC 15 TP in three games/wins.