[Hero 1-deck] End of Elves' Age

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[Hero 1-deck] End of Elves' Age

Post by Fangorn » Mon Mar 23, 2009 9:44 pm

During the Third Age occured the achievement of the rulership over Middle-earth by Men, to the detriment of Elves.

I created this deck concerning this slow but unavoidable change.
Resource part is only based on Elves, which are gathering in Grey Havens to depart from Middle-earth and sail towards the Immortal Lands.
Hazard part is only based on Men, which are the most numerous beings.

Character Draft

Starting company
Glorfindel II (+ Elf-stone)
Gildor Inglorion (+ Cram)

In deck


Pallando * 2


Sword of Gondolin * 3
Valiant Sword

Elves of Lindon

Lindion the Oronin

Dreams of Lore
The White Council * 3

Cup of Farewell
Many Turns Doublings * 3
Not at Home * 2
Dark Quarrels
Secret Passage
Great Ship
Fair Sailing
Smoke Rings
Longbottom Leaf
A Chance Meeting
Marvels Told * 2
A Friend or Three * 2


Assassin * 3
Thief * 3
Sellswords between Charters * 3
Lawless Men * 3
Corsairs of Umbar
Dunlending Raiders
Pirates * 2
Ambusher * 2
Abductor * 2
Mouth of Sauron

Rank upon Rank * 3
Thrice Outnumbered * 2
Fury of the Iron Crown
Revealed to all Watchers
An Unexpected Outpost * 2


Farmer Maggot
Here, There or Yonder
Woses of the Eryn Vorn
Palantir of Elostirion
Eyes of Mandos
Withdrawn to Mordor
Star of High Hope
Praise to Elbereth
Promptings to Wisdom
Biter and Beater
Emerald of Doriath
Elven Rope
Healing Herbs
Two or Three Tribes Present
Lord of the Carrock
Twilight * 2
Lure of Power
News of Doom
Call of the Sea
Mordor in Arms
Short Legs are Slow
Alone and Unadvised


The Stones (Orcrist)
Himring / Isles of the Dead that Live / Barrow-downs / Ruined Signal Tower (Glamdring, Sword of Gondolin)
Isle of the Ulond (Valiant Sword)
Grey Havens (Elves of Lindon, The White Council)
Stone-circle (Lindion the Oronin)
Weathertop / Worthy Hills (Dreams of Lore)

Characters in starting company are Elves which feel the call of the sea :
- Glorfindel who lived in Aman (if we consider he is the one of Gondolin),
- Gildor Inglorion, from the House of Finrod, who journeys to Grey Havens to take the ship,
- Galdor, ambassador of Cirdan from Grey Havens,
- Annalena, Elf of Edhellond where the ship can be taken too.

In terms of gameplay, starting company is designed to have :
- 2 rangers (Many Turns and Doublings, protection against River),
- 2 sages (Marvels Told, Dreams of Lore),
- max. character points (necessary for The White Council) and free general influence (7 MPs and 7 free GI).

All characters left in character pool go in the deck, because deck rely a lot on characters ; at best one character must be played each turn.
The only significant and thematic character in deck is Cirdan.
If Cirdan is in the starting company, opponent would know immediately a coastal deck.
Additionally, Cirdan can be brought into play at Grey Havens (if there's enough GI), where his faction is playable.

Main Wizard is Pallando, because of his home site in Grey Havens and his extra hand size.
Back-up Wizard is Gandalf, because he can be brought into play in Grey Havens too.

Because Men roam all over Middle-earth, the only safe places from them are Ruins & Lairs (to avoid backfire), not far from the beloved Belegaer.

The only faction of the deck is Elves of Lindon.
The back-up faction is Woses of the Eryn Vorn.
Petty Dwarves is not chosen as back-up because of Elves' penalty.
Non-unique factions are not chosen as back-up because Radagast is not the Wizard.

The only ally of the deck is Lindion, which is useful against Spider hazard and automatic-attack at Ruined Signal Tower.
There is no other ally playable in a Ruins & Lair.
Back-up ally is thus Goldberry. I prefer her to Tom Bombadil because she's the River-daughter (fits well with theme of the deck) and she has no movement restriction.
Goldberry is played in combo with either Here, There or Yonder (Galdor or Cirdan) or Farmer Maggot.

Items are only elven blades, Orcrist, Glamdring, Swords of Gondolin and Valiant Sword.

Additionally, Elves are homesickness of the Immortal Lands with the Dreams of Lore (as described in artwork).

Meanwhile, the Wizard will stay the entire game at Grey Havens to :
- play characters,
- convince The White Council he's the most skilled wizard against Sauron,
- rouse Elves of Lindon,
- take elven minor items with Cup of Farewell (the most valuable being Emerald of Doriath).

Support cards make travel safer :
- Many Turns and Doublings to avoid automatic-attack of 5 sites, and benefit perhaps of opponent's Gates of Morning,
- Not at Home to avoid automatic-attack at Isle of the Ulond and annoying Cave-drake / Rain-drake,
- Dark Quarrels to avoid Corsairs of Umbar (which could be the only back-fire),
- Secret Passage (Ruins & Lair) / Great Ship (Coastal Sea) / Fair Sailing (Coastal Sea).

Hazard part covers all Middle-earth (with a majority of border-hold / border-land) and makes journeys very dangerous.
If possible, it is more fun to attack with Mouth of Sauron.
Men attack are enhanced with Rank upon Rank.
Most annoying Men are recycled with Thrice Outnumbered.
Fury of the Iron-crown ensure a lethal attack (most often without discarding Rank upon Rank !).

Revealed to all Watchers is mainly used to have better chance to draw the Wizard early.

Sideboard conatins the following cards :
- Palantir of Elostirion / Elf-song, if opponent rely heavily on corruption,
- Eyes of Mandos, if Pallando is revealed and if the faction and/or the ally is quickly needed,
- Withdrawn to Mordor, against Anarin,
- Star of High Hope, if opponent has no elf and rely mostly on creatures,
- Biter and Beater, against an Orc hazard part,
- Praise to Elbereth, protection against Nazgul,
- Promptings of Wisdom, protection against roadblock,
- Belegaer, for reducing hazard limit against big combos,
- Two or Three Tribes present, against Hobbits,
- Lord of the Carrock, against Gondor deck (as permanent event) or Rhovanion deck (as creature),
- Anarin, against haven squatting company,
- Lure of Power, if Elves of Lindon have been played,
- News of Doom, if Elves of Lindon have not been played,
- Call of the Sea, if opponent play same theme deck.
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Post by Old Tuk » Sun Mar 29, 2009 12:15 pm

In a 1-deck tournement you need a lot more MP cards in deck. With only one faction and one ally your opponent will probably double his MP in these cathegories.

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Post by Fangorn » Mon Mar 30, 2009 8:49 pm

Because I like to play original decks in order to have lot of fun, I always design my decks based on a theme and on a 'facet' of the game (for this deck, what I called 'facet' is "Ruins & Lair only").
After this first step (and only after choosing the general scope of the deck), I try to make the deck as competitive as possible.
So my decks are not competitive for high-level tournaments, because I like to create decks without be influenced by other strong decks and without copying the most competitive ideas.

Now in a competitive point of view, you're totally right.

Having no MP card during organization phase may indeed occur : in this case the destination site must be Isle of the Ulond, where almost all MP cards are playable.

Additionally, opponent may indeed double allies and/or factions.
But in fact both will rarely happen, because hazard part hit mostly border-hold / border-land where most factions and allies are playable.

On the other side, I may double items by discarding opponent's items with Thief, Pirates and Abductor.

And with Rank upon Rank in play, opponent may be tempted to keep in hand his Assassin and/or Sellswords, thinking he'll play them at full strength when I'll visit a free-hold or border-hold to recruit a faction or an ally.
But this never happens and clogging his hand this way slows him down.
Hrum, Hoom ! Do not be hasty, that is my motto.

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