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Posted: Thu Sep 15, 2005 9:19 am
by fanfarian
Zarathustra wrote:Hey, I don't quite understand what you mean by some of your sentences....

In particular:
If had the time today or tomorrow I would create some.
Some what?  :?
Some Dragon/Drake Hazard Collection.
I even would do this the next weeks, so why not now and actually I have holidays till October.
I'm baffled... :?
Sorry I won't confuse you. As a Student I had large Somer Holidays with enough time to spend it on ME and improve my Decks and create some new Hazard strategys.
And I even want to create some Dragon Hazards. I tought there is one missing in this compendium and I want to create some within the next weeks anyway. So why not now?
And on German Cards there is no difference between Drake and Dragon. They are all called Dragon.
Nevertheless, in English there is a distinction, and English is the official language of meccg.
Yes, but I almost play with german cards and I can't see if it's a Dragon or a Drake. Maybe a mistake can be slipped in.

Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2006 10:04 am
by Old Tuk
And on German Cards there is no difference between Drake and Dragon. They are all called Dragon.
In german cards a dragon is always called an unique dragon and a drake is a non-unique one. But its true that some players are a bit confused about that.

Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2006 2:20 pm
by Sauron_the_Great
Except of course the-ever-present Cave-Drake...which is non-unique (much to our least mine...;-)), but technically he is a DRAGON, not a drake...

Re: "Complete" Hazard Strategy Taxonomy

Posted: Tue Jul 24, 2018 5:34 pm
by Bandobras Took
Updated Links:

Be a great big help!  There are 64 holes to plug (some in pairs).  Write up a deck list, put it in the forum here, and let me know!

I suppose there might be a few special vs hero only strategies as well.  As before, please post any suggestions, emendations, or other comments.  If a named strategy is unclearly designated, let me know and I'll clarify.

I have now cross-indexed this with all of the decks currently in the decks forum.  If you post a new deck there (one with a haz portion), send me a PM and let me know where it fits in this list.  I'll then add a link to it.

After this, the plan is to match hazard and resource strategies: which hazards > which resources and vice-versa.

Finally, early-game signals to help you recognize a resource or hazard strategy to aid in planning and sideboarding.

I believe there's already a decent list of useful sb cards, but I could probably condense and clarify it at some point.

Version 3.0

Versus Hero/Fallen Wizard


Men (1) (+ DoN/Giants; + GoM/Moon)
Drakes (1) (+ Dragon's Blood)
Multi-Wilderness Drakes + DoN/Withered Lands (1) (+ Nameless Thing; + Dragons)
Nazgul (+ agents 1, 2)
Undead (+ Shadow Out of the Dark)
Wolves (1, 2) (+ Animals/Bairanax At Home/Monstrosity of Diverse Shape)
Spiders (+ Spawn, +Animals)
Free Peoples (1)
Orcs (Multi-Strike; Lieuy-Style; Orc-Rain)
Awakened Plants
Furious Men/Trolls/Nazgul (1)


Khamul Machine (1)
Influence Destruction (1)
Auto-Attack Enhancement (1)
Dump & Run Half-Creatures (1)
River (+ Enchanted Stream, + Beorning Skin-Changers) (1)
Spawn (Desire All, Roadblock)
Corruption  :twisted: (there are many kinds of corruption strategies; here are some of the most potent: overload 1, 2, 3, 4, wizard-targetted, wilderness-targetted, Alone and Stupid combined with influencing or malady, item-targetted, using Scorba at Home & Itangast at Home & Saruman the Wise)


Snowstorm (1) (+ Long Winter, 2)
Morgul Night/Foul Fumes (1)
Fog + Lost in the Wilderness
No Way Forward

Grab Bag

8 Mixed creatures/ 8 mixed half-creatures/14 mixed events (1, 2, 3, 4)
Darklands creatures + freelands events
Freelands creatures + darklands events


Seek without Success
Agent Influence/Pilfer
Chilled Agent Attack
Grimby, Baduila, My Precious, Anarin targetted attack


Infinite Hazard Machine
Left Behind + Alone and Unadvised

Versus Minion


Orcs (Multi-Strike; Lieuy-Style; Orc-Rain)
Undead (detainment; wisps; Spells of the Barrow Wights)
Elves! (1, 2)
Dwarven Travelers + Maia (1, 2)
Mixed Free Peoples (1, 2)
Drakes (1, 2) (+ Dragon's Blood; + Dragons)
Spiders (+ Spawn; + animals)
Awakened Plants (1)


Snowstorm (1) (+ Long Winter; + No Way Forward)
GoM + Moon + Free Peoples


Khamul Machine (1)
Influence Destruction
Auto-Attack Enhancement
Dump & Run Half-Creatures (1, 2, 3)
Spawn (+ Roadblock; + Desire All For Thy Belly)
River + Heedless + Darkness
Corruption (overload; wilderness-targetted; item-targetted; scorba/itangast/saruman/balance/covetous thoughts)

Grab Bag

Wisp + River
Ahunts / Mixed other stuff
8/8/14 (1, 2)


Chilled Agents
"Special" Denial Agents: My Precious, Golodhros, Taladhan, Baduila


Infinite Hazard Machine
Left Behind + Alone and Stupid
Rats + Nazgul / Black Breath

Versus Minion/Fallen Wizard

Heedless + Nameless/Way Is Shut + Arthadan Rangers + My Precious + Baduila (1)