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Post by |Highwayman| » Mon Dec 11, 2006 5:51 pm

Manuel wrote:
|Highwayman| wrote:as long as everyone is informed about newest, current rulling before big official events everything will be fine
Yes but then again it's almost impossible to have everyone attending to such events informed when rulings are changing from time to time and they are so disperse.
we don't have a problem with this - 2 or at least 1 week before a tournament we post Tournament Rules on our forum so that everyone can read them and discuss them if needed; and if anything changes in the official rulings after we posted the rules for the current event then we either update our rules or leave them unchanged and later (after the event) discuss whether we want the new rules to be used or not on our future events

it's really pretty simple

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Post by Gwaihir » Mon Dec 11, 2006 11:05 pm

Manuel wrote:Not everyone has the time to read 113 Digests, the rules, the CRF, etc with all their contradictions and further corrections. I know this game needs all this work, and be sure we appreciate all the effort put into it a lot, BUT, we need to have all these stuff condensed in only one document
That's very true. In fact, we may have come to a point were getting out new rulings patching the remaining holes becomes increasingly less relevant compared to communicating the already established ones properly.

I'd already decided to put my efforts in that direction back in 2005, rather than helping with new rulings. However, it takes a lot of hard work to filter all the digest for stuff that should be in the CRF, reword the often very context specific bits properly and present that to the NetRep and his team for approval.

As for the confusion about rules changing: the ICE-made rules are - so far (that's a CoE decision that a CoE might someday change, though I hope not) - set in stone. None of them will be changed. Errors in earlier CoE NetRep rulings will occasionally be ironed out. Especially rulings that are fresh can be subject to change.

The NetRep is trying to answer questions in a reasonably timely manner, establishing at least some form of "official word" as soon as possible, for those events that need it. Once out in the open, some people will immediately spot errors in it, that are usually corrected in the next digest. Aside from that, free of that time pressure, the NetRep team (which includes that same NetRep) works to provide thorough answers, especially on the more influentual topics. Discussing matters thoroughly, especially among busy volunteers, simply takes time and thus it can be a couple of months before a matter as complex as the Under His Blow one, with strong arguments and feelings on both sides, is finally resolved.

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