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Improving's policies

Post by miguel » Fri Feb 09, 2007 3:51 pm

The staff has been working on improving our policies and now requests your help. I have copied here the forum rules which we will be updating soon. I'm also making public our new moderating guidelines. Please let us know your opinion on these.  :)  

Forum Rules

1. Anyone under the age of 13 must ask a parent or legal guardian permission before using the forum
2. No Spamming
3. No attacks or 'Flame Wars' on other members
4. This is a newbie friendly forum. Be considerate of new players
5. This forum is for fun. If you want to do buisness with another member, send him/her a personal message (PM)
6. Remember that there are members from around the world, so be tolerant if their spelling may be different and respect their cultural sensitivities.  
7. Impersonating a member is a no-no. Believe me when I say I will ban you forever.
8. Do not post links to any pages (yours, or others) that have illegal or adult content. Check out the faq in the dreamcards section if you have any doubts on what exactly is / isn't allowed here.
9. No religious controversy
10. And I will not tolerate any harsh language and/or sexual references
11. The trading forums here are for trading information, NOT advertisements. There is the excellent trade center at where you can offer your cards for trade and sale as well as post which you're looking for.
12. If you notice anyone breaking these rules, or have any questions regarding them, PM me or another moderator.

Moderating guidelines:

Regular moderating

(1) Things that may require moderating (this list is not exhaustive):
 a. Posting in the wrong place.
 b. Posting twice.
 c. Posting off-topic.
 d. Posting two or more topics in the same thread.
 e. Advertisements.
 f. Unauthorized Copyrighted material and/or links to such.
(2) Clean up the site. No need to discuss with the Mod team first.
(3) Send a friendly (i.e. not condescending or patronising) note explaining your actions to the writer of the post. We are here to help.
(4) Report back to the Mod team if
 a. you find yourself moderating posts from the same person time and again.
 b. you are unsure how to proceed.
 c. you otherwise feel the need for it.

Official warning

(1) An offical warning will not be issued unless a majority of the Mod team agrees.
(2) All issues will be handled case by case.
(3) Things that may call for a warning (this list is not exhaustive):
 a. Personal attacks on a forum user or a staff member.
 b. Continuously ignoring the forum rules despite contacts  from a staff member.

(1) A forum member will not be banned unless a majority of the Mod team agrees.
(2) The length of a ban and the conditions for lifting it will be determined case by case.
(3) Things that may call for a ban (this list is not exhaustive):
 a. Spamming, hacking, cracking, etc.
 b. Posing as a staff member.
 c. Breaking the forum rules despite of an official warning already given regarding that issue.

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