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Do you allow/play with proxies?

Yes - Why not?
Yes - For casual play only
Yes - but only if you own a copy of the card!
No - play with what you own!
You want proxies? Play online!
Total votes: 44

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Post by Leon » Thu Apr 12, 2007 12:46 pm

I would not mind if people use a few proxies for cards that they do not have 3 copies of and I will do so myself in casual play. As Wim said it is possible to get a good play set of cards for not too much money. The Balrog cards and Lidless Eye non-unique rares can be an exception, though I solved the second part of this by buying french sets of MELE cards.

One of the nice things about MECCG is that you do not need to have all sets to make interesting and tournament winning decks, though the Balrog spoils this a bit for me. After making one basic Balrog deck and winning a tournament with that easily I decided not to play Balrog in tournaments and not to use the ridiculous advantage Balrog gets for playing characters (2 per turn + from sideboard)

I voted yes, why not and will use proxies in casual games, since I have a large enough set to use most real cards in tournaments now.

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Post by Dirhaval » Fri Apr 13, 2007 12:31 am

I have been pleased with the comments already posted on this topic.

With my previous reply, I would not expect to be allowed to use proxies during tournaments and I do like to see the artwork of cards from my opponent that I do not own. The black and white picture of No Escape from my Magic does no justice to the color print.

I would not ask if I can use proxies playing a person for the first time or even for the first 5-6 times. If I were to ask if I can use proxies, then it will most likely be with an opponent I have established a good playing relationship and then to decide to buy a few cards that are very expensive (ice-orcs, Itangast Roused and Thong of Fire combo) for dragon-raiding minion deck I have interest to play at a tournament and I have practiced at home with such proxies.

Yet I am willing to allow new players to use proxies to help them to enjoy the game. I would find it fun to play a game with a limit on rares or no-balorg.


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