First time building a deck

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First time building a deck

Post by SerAndrew » Wed May 16, 2007 7:22 pm

I didn't post this in the deck forum b/c I don't even have a deck under construction yet...

I have 1 booster box each of wizards and dragons... and it's a pretty daunting challenge making a deck...

I have the challenge decks coming to me soon, but I still want to make my own decks... so any tips for a new player?

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Post by jhunholz » Wed May 16, 2007 7:32 pm

Sort out your cards by type (ally, faction, items, etc.) and by general location on the map that they're playable at.  If you have a certain theme you want to try, start building aroud that.  Otherwise pick an area where you have quite a bit playable and go from there.  You will want an assortment of point sources in the deck, so make sure you grab at least 1 ally, 1 faction, and have a place to play items.  Then add in cards to boost your characters skills.  If you're going after a lot of factions, add in some influence boosters.  If you expect to do a lot of fighting, add in prowess boosters.  Even if you don't expect to do a lot of fighting, its usually good to have a few cancellers and/or prowess boosters in the deck just in case.  Then pick your characters.  You will want a good assortment of abilities in your company, so keep track of that.  Make sure to have at least 1-2 rangers. A sage is always nice to have somewhere so you can play Marvels Told. The other skills fit more with whatever you're trying to play (want to play cancelers? Have a few scouts that can tap for them.  Have weapons that require warrior? Have some warriors in the party.)

Then work on your Hazards.  You want to be sure your hazard portion won't hurt your resource portion.  So if you want to go up into dragon country to get items, don't play dragon long/perm events.  And if you want lots of items, putting perm event corruption cards out isn't a good idea either (ones that effect all players, like The Balance of Things).  

Your first few games, you may not need to build or play with a sideboard.  But after playing for a short while, you'll learn just how valuable it can be to pull things in from it.  Add it when you feel ready.

EDIT: If you need ideas, check out the decks forum.  There is a Resource and a Hazard Taxonomy thread that is stickied.  Those threads will have lots of decks based on different themes so you can get ideas.

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