New Lord of the Rings card game from FFG!!

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New Lord of the Rings card game from FFG!!

Post by Eyelid » Sat Aug 07, 2010 11:38 am

Just in case some of you missed this juicy piece of information Fantasy Flight Games has designed a new card game (as part of their line of "Living Card Games") based on Lord of the Rings.
It includes a cooperative element as well as quests that take place between the end of the Hobbit and the beginning of Lord of the Rings.
Card lore will apparently refer to elements from both books.

Check out this link for further details: ... ?eidn=1528

Also, Fantasy Flight Games shot a few minutes of footage that was taken on Day 2 of GenCon. Point your browser to ... ?eidn=1537 and then click on "Check out our wrap-up video". Watch a game in progress at 2'37" into that video.

This looks promising, folks. I truly hope this will be a good one.

And of course, if any of you are currently at GenCon you have a moral obligation to bring back as much info as you can!

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