Anyone up for some trading?

Trading talk not related to specific cards, like how to pack and ship; how to find and approach possible trading partners

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Anyone up for some trading?

Post by Guest » Mon Mar 05, 2001 1:48 pm

Hi there

I just found this board after a long search for people to buy from or trade ME cards with, so if anyone is interested please drop me an E-mail at
Yrion 52 rogue CA
Morghanna 34 chantress CA
Roshambo 25 pally CA
Kalyana 26 sk Dark Pact
Sinna 22 shamaness


Post by Guest » Sun Apr 08, 2001 1:57 pm

Sure I'm interested in some trading, infact there are several cards I'd be very interested in. The cards I need in particular are the following:
-Dragons Hunger
-Many sorrows befall

-Durin's Bane
-Wraith Lord

I am also interested in commons and uncommons (and rares) from sets other then 'the wizards', 'the dragons' and 'dark minions' that focus upon wizard vs. wizard games. (Sellswords between charters!,Noble steed! etc.)

In return I can give almost any card from MEDM (except those named above of course), Just about any card (not all of them) from the wizards (UL) and quite a few cards from the Dragons. I also have a handfull of card from the white hand and against the shadow.

Should you have (or be able to get) any of the above cards and be interested in trading or selling them, please let me know (note: I live in the Netherlands, and hope you do too, for otherwise I don't see how we could possibly exchange cards otherwise)

Final note: Should you be extremely interested in cards from the sets I mentioned having above, but don't have any of the cards I seek (Don't forget I NEED those commons and uncommons as well) I might be willing to sell some of them. Just name the card you need and I'll see if I have a spare.

Frank Beumer

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