[card and pseudo-scenario] Last of the Lieutenants

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[card and pseudo-scenario] Last of the Lieutenants

Post by Peter » Thu Oct 27, 2005 1:33 pm

Last of the Lieutenants
Minion Resource Permanent-event
4 Misc MP
Balrog only. Playable at Barad-dur during the site fase if Flame of Udun is in play. The Balrog receives +2 General Influence.

This card represents the Balrog going into Barad-dur and having a friendly chat with Sauron which results in the Balrog being the only lieutenant of Morgoth left in Middle-Earth.

Note that this card has no attacks of it's own. It does however require Flame of Udun to be played on the turn the Balrog enters Barad-dur. This means the Balrog will have to face the Barad-dur attacks, including the 1@24 non-cancelable wounded-is-eliminated, on his own. That effectively means 1@10 (easy), 1@12 (easy), 1@24 (extremely hard and lethal).

As an alternative which doesn't require dream cards (aka can be integrated in a normal game :wink:) one could use the following rule:

If a character of a Balrog player defeats the 1@24 Maia attack at Barad-dur then the Balrog player receives 4 Misc MP's and 2 extra GI. In addition Barad-dur is never discarded and never returns to the play deck.

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