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Smoke Lore

Posted: Sat Dec 10, 2005 6:06 pm
by Nariam
Smoke Lore

Hero Permanent event

Unique. Gandalf only. Playable on Gandalf. You may tap gandalf and smoke lore at any time during your turn to bring up to two resource or character cards from your sideboard into your play deck and reshuffle.


Another card idea I had. I think most of the DM-Wizard specific cards are quite good, but Hobbit lore isn't too playable, even if not only at a haven... Smoke Lore would be a great alternative card for Gandalf AND for Longbottom Leaf, which is very hard to get for some players.

So in fact, Gandalf could bring in two cards from the SB instead of one, AND he could do that at any time, not just in the OP.

Seems quite powerful to me, so I made it unique, I'm not quite sure about that though. It clearly cannot be duplicated. I liked the idea of it giving 1 CP, as it is kind of a little lure of the senses for gandalf ;)

I appreciate any comments.