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New stage cards (1 for Elf-lords & 1 fro Dwarf-lords)

Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2008 11:30 am
by Vastor Peredhil
When playing may challenge decks I always lack good Stage-card which add something more than just points, here are two new ones.
Stuff in brackets (...) isn't fixed (decided) yet. so please comment:

[SP: 2]

(Elf-lord Specific. or better non-dwarf-lord avatar?) As long as you have more animal allies (e.g. horse ally, Gwaihir, etc), wolf allies, ent allies (& awakend plants), wose characters and factions of these types in play than your opponent(s), they are worth full marshalling points (to you).
All creature attacks of these types keyed to Free-domain, Border-land or Wilderness against your companies are detainment; your avatar may tap to cance such an attack.
Discard this card if you ever (kill) have an creature of these types in marshalling point pile (it was defeated by you). Cannot be duplicated on a given player.

Here comes the 2nd:

[SP: 2]
Dwarf-lord Specific. When you play this card you may either bring Maker's Map or Gangways over the Fire from your sideboard into your playdeck and reshuffle during your organization phase; you receive full marshalling points for Maker's Map.
Dwarves with a mind higher than 4 may tap to cancel either a Pukel-creature attack keyed to an under-deep or an adjacent site or a Rock Fall attack against their company. Cannot be duplicated on a given player.

so rip me to shreads

Posted: Fri Mar 28, 2008 7:15 pm
by Thorsten the Traveller
rip you to shreads? that would be a waste, you have good ideas normally  :wink:

but making wolf attacks detainment? Even against the Warg-king they attack normally...
you've formulated it a bit ambiguously, is the detainment subject to the ally requirement? Anyway, why would wolves or plants be detainment if you have more allies than opponent? They don't always side with an avatar, they are independent creatures.
And it's very easy to have more allies than opponent, just one is enough, so opponent's hazard strategy would be waste. Maybe stage requirement is better therefore, or a number of allies, though I agree that thematically these requirements are arbitrary also.
Better make it elf-lord or wizard only, man-lords don't have much to do with nature.
I like the Wose and animal/plant connection though. Maybe make it therefore:

- hazard creature attacks of type corresponding with ally are detainment.
- all animal(wolf?) and awakened plant creature attacks are detainment on a company with a wose character.

this in mentioned regions of course (not shadows).

I mean, if you have 1 steed in company, wolves would not eat you in wilderness? I think they'd say: tasty!

Another option, since you like abilities over points: let a character make an influence attempt to cancel attack of same type and if he has one in hand, play ally of same type. Wolf/Ent attacks you, recognizes your innate link with nature, and joins you...
difficult to find a horse attack though :cry: