Rules / FAQ for this forum (updated July '05)

To share and discuss non-standard rules, from the simplest of house rules to the more serious Unofficial Errata Proposals.

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Rules / FAQ for this forum (updated July '05)

Post by Jambo » Thu Jul 28, 2005 10:03 pm

Welcome to the Optional Rules forum here in the Creative Corner
This is a place for discussion of how (you think) the rules or card texts should be or should have been, whether you want to mention a local house rule, or hope for more wide use. If you're aiming for the latter, do check out the Unofficial Errata Proposals (UEPs) which have their home here as well.

If on the other hand you'd like to discuss scenarios or cards you made (or rigourously remade) yourself, our sister forum in this section, Dream Cards & Scenarios, is the place you're looking for.

Please remember that anything discussed here is non-official and thus not part of the rules set generally used at tournaments. If it’s questions or answers to the official rules that you’re seeking then take a gander over to our Rules Questions forum.

This does not mean that tournament organisers cannot adopt or use optional rules in their tournaments. In most cases you are free to use optional rules in your event as you choose, as long as you properly announce which are to be used to your players.

Unofficial Errata Proposals (UEPs)
This is a community driven project that aims to improve or balance official rules by introducing minor errata and rule changes.  To be deemed acceptable for use in casual games, UEPs undergo a strict community based voting procedure.  To learn more about UEPs please check the following Introductory thread.  If your interested putting forward a UEP then please check and follow guidelines on Creating a UEP, which also includes an easy to use UEP template.  We urge any community member who has an idea for an optional rule to use this UEP system since optional rules created and accepted using this process will generally be more likely to be acceptable to other players.

And of course there is the general info and forum rules, which you can find in the section Policy & Announcements.