Variant solitaire rules

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Variant solitaire rules

Post by Scurvodsky » Fri Sep 09, 2005 2:04 pm

Hello everyone,

Here and there I've seen references to variant solitaire rules. What are they? The only ones I'm familiar with are the official solitaire rules where you draw twice the number of hazards as indicated by "draw card indicator" on the site card + 2. I find that I often get totally pummelled by hazards using these rules.

Are there other solitaire rules out there which are more balanced?

Any info on other solitaire rules would be much appreciated!!


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Post by sarma72 » Fri Sep 28, 2007 9:42 am

Hi, the way I normally play solitary games for the purpose of testing my decks is the following. Keep in mind I have done so only for METW-only decks.

I use my deck normally, start with my initial company and draw 8 cards.
Long events stay in play two turns. At the end of the turn I tap the long events, and if they are already tapped I discard them.

Whenever I move to a site I first draw the cards as a hero player, keeping off the side the hazard cards. I then draw the cards as a hazard player, keeping off the side the resources and characters. This is to simulate the fact that during the movement/hazard phase you sometime draw cards that you cannot immediately use.

At the end of the m/h phase, I take all the cards off the side in my hand and reconcile. When reconciling my hand, I must discard a resource card before I can discard an hazard card.

At the end of the turn phase, I try to discard a resource card as well.

When testing my deck, I count only half of my kill MP, unless I am trying out only my hero side of the deck.

[An alternative way to draw and discard cards in the m/h phase is to place directly under your deck the cards you would normally place off the side according to my previous rule.]

Have fun,

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