What to do with those Avatar cards

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Moria tour guide
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What to do with those Avatar cards

Post by Moria tour guide » Fri Dec 23, 2005 10:23 pm

This thread is about doing something with those avatar character cards when you already have an avatar in play.

With the official rules, they do nothing, unless you discard the card when you use Dragon's Terror (METD).

Some options:
*play avatar card to untap your avatar.
**And Forth He Hastened (METD) does this for a character in a Wizard's company

*Bring a character from discard pile to hand
*Put a resource card from sideboard into playdeck

Just some options to improve the use of your avatar. Avatar is the character most likely to tap every turn. This opens up their use.
If you try any such use of extra Avatar cards, please post your experience.


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Post by Gwaihir » Sun Dec 25, 2005 12:18 am

Hmm.. usually a player is pretty pleased to have his avatar out already. Thus I think whatever extra benefit you give, it is too strong. However, it is interesting that you bring up Dragon's Terror, as perhaps (dream) cards are the way to go with this. You could make some resource cards (or additions to existing cards) that give benefits and some hazards that add some risks to balance that.
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Moria tour guide
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Post by Moria tour guide » Mon Dec 26, 2005 10:09 pm

ya, your right about any benefit of giving an unneeded avatar card a good use. I was thinking more of a game with decks with 50/50+ resource/hazard mix; so the sideboard will be quite huge and untapping avatars to bring cards from the sideboard will be vital. So, such benefits will be regulated to a house rule in a well-defined game.

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Post by Oliphant » Wed Dec 20, 2006 11:34 pm

This echoes an optional rule we play with that Wizards and Ringwraiths may be played as Resouce Events.

Wizards and Ringwraiths as Short Events

Wizards and Ringwraiths may be included in your deck as resources rather than characters. They are still "unique" so if your opponent is Saruman then you cannot play your "Saruman" as a resource short event; likewise if The Witch-King of Angmar is in play as a hazard permanent event he cannot be played as a resource short event.

The short event may be played to cancel one attack against a company, to untap one character or to heal a wounded character to tapped. Each card also has one special ability:

Alatar adds +2 prowess to all characters for the rest of the turn
Gandalf adds +2 to all corruption checks this turn
Pallando brings one card from the deck/discard pile to hand
Radagast cancels all attacks keyed to Wilderness this turn
Saruman can give one character the ability to use a Palantir for the rest of the game. Place Saruman card under the character to remind you of this.

Adunaphel reduces the number of strikes against one company by 1
Akhorahil remove one corruption card from character
Dwar adds +1 prowess to all characters for the rest of the turn
Hoarmurath brings one card from the deck to your hand
Indur can be played as Skies of Fire or Doors of Night for purpose of playing hazards
Khamul lowers the body of one foe by -2
Ren adds +1 to all corruption checks this turn
Uvatha brings one card from the discard pile to your hand
The Witch-King +5 to one influence check this turn

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Post by Leon » Thu Apr 12, 2007 4:09 pm

I agree with Wim on this. Having your avatar out soon is such a great advantage, that you do not mind having 2 extra copies of him that you can only discard. Similar with some permanent events that you can put 2 or 3 times in the deck just because you want it as soon as possible, like An Unexpected Party.

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