Firstborn & Dwarflord challange deck tourney at Lure 07

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Vastor Peredhil
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Firstborn & Dwarflord challange deck tourney at Lure 07

Post by Vastor Peredhil » Mon Feb 26, 2007 10:37 pm

Hi Everybody,

My stubborn work of pileling and promoting dream card events has finally been accepted by a bigger audience.

For the firsttime in 5 years (of arranging a dream card event at the Lure) I had to send players away, since all the 12 player's slots were taken (normally I had to talk people into it).

The event went smoother than expected, but still (as in all the years before) we only played two round in 4&1/2 hours.

The event was won by the new Smaug dragon-lord avatar deck, followed by a another new deck, The Necromancer (based on William Danchus FATE deck, so a great thanks to him)

So after two ca. 85 min rounds these are the standings

1. Smaug the Golden 12 TP - Mario Nau-Theißen (Germany)
2. The Necromancer 9 TP - Holger Fischer (Germany)
3. Dain, Kingdom under the Mountain 7 TP - Nicolai Willinek (Germany) & Organiser
4. The Elves of Evermist 6 TP - Daniel Austerfield (Germany) This deck was a replacement to the Thorin deck.
5. The Balrog of Moria 6 TP - Karsten Gerland (Germany)
6. Thranduil, Lord of the Wood 6 TP - Dominique Begeret (France)
7. Balin, Lord of Moria 6 TP - Kris van Beurden (Belgium)
8. Galadriel, Lady of the Noldor 6 TP - Laura Fohhema (Netherlands)
9. Elrond, Guardian of Eriador 4 TP - Hans-Werner Milpelz (Germany)
10. Aradagor, Terror of Cardolan 4 TP - Peter Duda (Germany)
11. Cirdan, Ulmo's Servant 4 TP - Dominik ??? (Germany)
12. Thrain, Last of the Seven - Stephane Hemberg (Belgium)

Hopefully all the spelling is correct (if not and if you know the full names of the two missing ones please let me know, so that I edit them in)

I really enjoyed this event, even tough I was asked about a million questions (most of them quite obvious I must say) during the first round (big thanks to Laura who was really patient even though I did answer more questions than played at all).

Still it was better than most players crying about being hammered by the effective hazard decks (okay al besides Holger who did cry about his hzards only).

maybe other players who like to add their view of the event, as it did way to fast.

So big thanks to all the players (Peter & and Daniel for keeping up with me and doning some cutting and glueing (and forgetting decks at home))

and of course to Wolfgang for organising the Lure 07, the best ever I must say.

mfg Nicolai aka Vastor Peredhil a Aerfaroth Willinek
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Post by Tegarend » Tue Feb 27, 2007 8:50 am

Stephane's surname is Hemberg, and he is from Belgium, just like me (not France and Netherlands respectively :P)

And the challenge deck I played was fun, except it tried to do a little bit too much at the same time :). Still, thanks for the format, Nicolai!

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Post by Zarathustra » Tue Feb 27, 2007 8:57 am

Kris wrote:he is from Belgium, just like me (not France and Netherlands respectively
Sounds like the joke about the statisticians who go hunting....  The first misses to the left of the birds, and the second misses to the right.  The third one yells "Bullseye!"

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Post by Shapeshifter » Tue Feb 27, 2007 2:30 pm

Yes, it was really a great tourney. Such a nice atmosphere. Though I didn´t feel quite comfortable with the Balrog deck. Balrog without burning is boring  :D .
That the two new decks made 1st and 2nd place was surprising. Probably they are too strong. But maybe Mario and Holger are just two genious players  :) .
The rest of the evening/night which followed the event was a lot of fun, too  :wink: .
Some words to the Dream Card General Opponent tournament on friday.
I liked it very much. What a pitty that we came too late to play three rounds. I loved my Arsenal Lindon deck (Elf-lord Cirdan). Especially with my hazards I caused much havoc: A Fell Turtle (Wake of War in play) played as second auto-attack at Tol Morwen rules! Hopefully next year we will have even more players for this tourney.

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Post by Luitprand » Tue Feb 27, 2007 4:54 pm

Yes, in one special point I agree with you, Shapeshifter ;-)

I like the Necromancerdeckidea and the tourney.
It was a fun for me to look how Nico played your Dain-Deck with uncontrolled submission. Your hazards were nice, only 9 Dwarvehazards against 2-3 lame Characters with three canceler.
Now my critic to the Necromancer-Deck:

- no ally, only 1 faction (wild horses). It wasn’ t possible to get the horses (i hate dwarves).
- I must go to Lorien in order to play a permanent-event with three automatic attacks with only three canceler in the deck, nice
- The hazards are undeads and mens without boost, but I think only two hazards are playable on a ruine.
+    the rings are very good playable
+    the hazards with agents are very good for the deckidea, because you can play very  easy agents as char
I hope that I although get the green light for interesting news.
Now I’ m in Essen and that’s why I can’t send my most wanted list. You must wait. :twisted:

I didn’t play the Dream Card General Opponent tournament, how was it.

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Post by Dirhaval » Wed Feb 28, 2007 9:43 pm

Wow :D

Good comments on the tournament.

I liked that the Necromancer deck was played. I do not exactly know what changes Nicolai made to it, but the credit goes to Holger and to those that set-up and played the game.

I recommend two things for the next tournament: More testing the Great Wyrms expansion and asking for more help to answer questions and referee the game.
For a 16 player Fate game, I recommend 4 others to be the rules-lawyesr that are each responsible for 4 of the players. These lawyers will then only be over-ruled by the Grand Master (Nicolai in this case) on hot issues. This will let the Grand Master be prepared for major issues that may disrail the game.

It is true that the Necromancer has to visit Lorien.

I will be working more with Fate; but that MEGW 40+ page file is through the rules today! Now for the cards themselves.


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