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Post by Valarauko » Mon Nov 12, 2007 5:50 pm

Old Tuk wrote:GCCG World Championships 2005

karmi (FIN)      21
T800 (NED)       18
Valarauko (NED)  16
Sauron (USA)     15
sauron1976 (GER) 14
zara (USA)       12
kris (BEL)       11
Trossel (FIN)    10
ennasan (ESP)    9
Josesan (ESP)    7
Baduila (GBR)    5
Librarian (USA)  4
b_took (USA)     1
Note that not all participants who didn't participate in all of the 4 rounds were awarded a bye; Librarian and I (Valarauko) did not participate in round 1 due to some unfortunate miscommunication from the tournament organizer's side; we were not awarded any bye's (which are 6 TP for 1st rounds) for that. This in contrast to other instances; karmi (1st round - 6TP), zara (2nd round - 5TP) and Librarian (3rd round - 4TP).
Also, a number of people did not participate in the 4th round, earning no bye (3 TP for 4th round bye's); kris, ennasan, Josesan, Librarian and  b_took.
Hence, the above results are somewhat disputable.
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Post by Manuel » Tue Nov 13, 2007 4:17 pm

Here are the results of European Championships 2007: ... =3638#3638

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Post by Marcos » Thu Nov 15, 2007 4:24 pm

here are the results of online Ibero-America cup 1º edition:

1º Manuel 21 (hero) ESP
2º Marcos 17 (minion) ARG
3º Agus 15 (???) ESP
4º Alvaro 15  (???) ESP

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