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Quick Tournament Report

Post by jhunholz » Sat Aug 18, 2007 2:52 am

I'm just writing a quick tournament report, half-way through Gencon Indianapolis 2007.  Yesterday (Thursday), we had a challenge deck tournament.  Joe Bisz ended up winning that, with Josh Hunholz (me) in second, Krista Donelly in third and Chad Martin in fourth.  I think that's right, but I'm not 100% sure because I didn't write down the results (Chad did though, for record keeping sake).

Today (Friday) was NA Nats, which was supposed to just be the Open today, but we only had 4 participants so we changed it to be the Finals instead.  One player (I don't remember his name) dropped after the first round, so someone got a bye each round after that.  The final results were Joe Bisz in first with 16 points, Curtis Lithgow in second with 10 points, Josh Hunholz in third with 5 points and the guy whose name I forgot with 2 points.

The amusing thing was that Joe won Nationals with the Gandalf challenge deck.  He didn't have time to build a deck, so that's what he played all day.  Curtis was the only non-hero player, playing Fallen Gandalf (which Joe used the Saruman challenge deck against.

EDIT: Here's the rest of the tournament report.

Saturday was hero sealed deck, which was the best attended tournament of the weekend. One good thing about having sealed events at Gencon is that folks who forget their cards at home, or don't bring them because they think the game is dead, can participate just as easily. We had 8 people show up, but slowly lost 2 (one after he opened his product, one after the first round). Four players pulled the Beorn fixed pack, so there was some crazy bouncing going on. I came in 5th, but it was enjoyable none the less.

Sunday was lidless eye booster draft. We had 5 participants, so Chad drafted but didn't play. No one pulled any Lts. or a Mouth, and there were a lot of non-unique characters as starting companies. This was the only day that everything went right for me, and I won all 3 of my matches 6-0 to take 1st place.

Overall it was a great 4 days of gaming and I enjoyed the whole convention. For those of you Americans (or Canadians) who haven't had the chance to make it to a Gencon, I highly recommend it.

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