MECCG European Championship 2007, Spain

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MECCG European Championship 2007, Spain

Post by Manuel » Sun Oct 07, 2007 11:23 pm


A cute hostel in San Lorenzo del Escorial, a beautiful town which is 55km far from Madrid. You can see all the info needed by clicking on this link: ... en=listado

However, anyone interested in joining us don't hesitate to ask for anything you might need! I believe all the needed info is on that link (how to reach the place, etc)


9-11 November 2007. The event starts at Friday, 17.00, and will end at Sunday, 15.00.


We'll have a main event going on saturday and finals on sunday morning. e'll also have some cool scenarios and other formats, like sealed game, drinking game, rareless only-hero tournament, etc. As soon as we have decided all this stuff, I'll post it all here...

How much:

Not 100% decided yet, but it'll be around 65 euro. That includes room for Friday and Saturday Night, and served food from dinner on friday to lunch on saturday. It also includes the inscription for the all tourneys, except sealed and challenge.


Not fully decided yet, but at the moment I can advance some info:

*The winner of the main event will receive a couple of sealed balrog boxes (the green one and the red one)
*The winner of the Scenario played on Friday will receive an special edition of the Hobbit by JRR Tolkien, with pictures and annotations from the autor. This scenario is themed on the final battle of the Hobbit; as soon as it's fully tested, we'll make it available for everyone (hopefully that will be next week)
*All participants will receive tons of boosters from all expansions.
*The winner of each side event will, of course, receive an special prize, not yet determined.


Any questions please contact me on or simply put a response in here. We expect to have around 30 spanish players coming to the event, you can guess this will be a good one!

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Battle of the Five Armies

Post by Manuel » Sun Oct 07, 2007 11:24 pm

These are the rules to play Battle of Five Armies tournament, Friday night at the European Championships, next November in El Escorial, Madrid. Winner will get a special edition of 'The Hobbit', by J.R.R. Tolkien.

This is a MECCG scenario for two players, one of them must play a Hero deck and the other one must play a Minion deck (*see below for optional rules). Fallen Wizard and Balrog decks are not allowed.

Special rules:

Each company may move only to a site in one of the following regions: Rhudaur, Wold & Foothills, High Pass, Redhorn Gate, Gundabad, Anduin Vales, Grey Mountain Narrows, Heart of Mirkwood, Western Mirkwood, Woodland Realm, Southern Mirkwood, Northern Rhovanion, Withered Heath and Iron Hills.

Forbidden cards: Sacrifice of Form, Orc-mail, A Malady without Healing, Veils Flung Away, Foul Fumes, True Fana, Long Winter, Snowstorm and any dragon manifestation but Smaug Roused.

Modificated cards:
-Agents: playable as characters only, never as hazards.
-Bolg and Azog: it is possible to play them as minion characters.
-Cave Drake: counts as a drake creature.
-Remnants of old Robberies: can’t be played on drakes or Smaug Ahunt or the auto-attack at The Lonely Mountain.
-Skin-changer: if it is played during Battle of Five Armies, you don’t need to place Beorn in your hand afterwards.
-Tiding of Bold Spies: can’t be played on a company moving to The Lonely Mountain.
-Drakes: Minion players get kill marshalling points for every defeated drake.

Factions: a player can recruit unique factions which can be played at any non-haven site located in one of the regions listed above.

Starting Companies: Hero characters start at Rivendell. Minion characters begin the game at Dol Guldur. A Hero player has an extra +5 general influence that cannot be used to control characters.

The Lonely Mountain contains one auto-attack only: Dragon, 2 strikes of 18/8. No hazard can target or modify such attack, but it is possible to play resources that cancel or modified it. Whenever a company enters The Lonely Mountain without defeating the auto-attack (unless the company manages to play Smaug Roused before the end of its site phase) Smaug Ahunt enters play as a long event (it remains in play until current player´s next site phase, but it is not treated as a long event for the purpose of playing cards that target it, such as Marvels Told). Meanwhile Smaug Ahunt (or Smaug Roused) remains in play, The Lonely Mountain has no auto-attack (but it contains a hoard yet) and it is not allowed to play Smaug Roused.

Victory Conditions: the player who scores more marshalling points after resolving the Battle of Five Armies (BFA) wins the game. BFA is called when:

1. Both players have exhausted their decks twice: BFA begins at the end of current turn.

2. If a player has exhausted his deck once and if he has got the Hoard of Smaug: BFA begins at the end of opponent´s next turn.

3. While in a tournament, if time is over, BFA begins at the end of the turn played by the player who didn´t start the game.

The Hoard of Smaug: a player gets the Hoard of Smaug when he plays Smaug Roused or if he manages to defeat one of the following: Smaug Ahunt, Smaug Roused or the auto-attack at the Lonely Mountain (if the player does so, he gets 5 kill marshalling points).

The Battle of Five Armies:

1. Before BFA starts, each character must face a corruption check. The player who played last turn begins.

2. Each player´s characters form a single company that faces opponent´s company in Company versus Company Combat (CvCC). No card or effect can target such attack as a whole (cards like Concealment and Black Arrow have no effect), but cards that target each single strike are playable (cards such as Risky Blow, Halfling´s Stealth, etc). This CvCC is not located at any site. Ignore any restriction about companies composition (it is possible to have more than 7 characters, several leaders, Ringwraiths, etc).

3. Characters keep same status (untapped, tapped or wounded) they had at the end of regular game. It is allowed to play cards or effects that modify such status.

4. Each character has prowess +X, where X is your faction marshalling points (apply this modifier after any other prowess modifier). Last Alliance of Elves and Men and Great Army of the North count as faction marshalling points.

5. While resolving CvCC, treat your company as the defending company if you got the Hoard of Smaug. If no player got the Hoard of Smaug, treat your company as the defending company if you have less faction marshalling points than your opponent (or less total marshalling points if there is a tie; or make a roll and choose if there is a tie yet).

Tournament Rules: every player must construct a Hero deck and a Minion deck. When resolving starting roll, the player who rolls higher decides to choose alignment or to start the game playing his first turn.

Optional Tournament Rules: if you are not in the mood for constructing two decks (lazy you!), or maybe you are a rookie player who doesn’t feel confident playing Minion, just play a Hero deck (anyway, keep in mind that you better should play different hazard decks). If both players have Hero decks only, BFA still takes place (in fact, as this story was told in The Hobbit, Free Peoples were about to fight against themselves because of the Hoard of Smaug).

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Post by Manuel » Sat Nov 03, 2007 6:29 pm


17h - 20.30h Only Hero 1-deck tournament
20.30h - 21-30h Dinner
21.30h+ Battle of the Five Armies scenario // 2-deck Hero-only rareless tournament*


8.30h -9.30h Breakfast
9.30h -14.00h General opponent 2-deck tournament, semifinals // Hero only tournament for beginners
14.00h -15.00h Lunch
15.00h -20.30h General opponent 2-deck tournament, semifinals // Hero only tournament for beginners
20.30h -21.30h Dinner
21.30h+ Pair tournament** // Challenge deck tournament


8.30h - 9.30h Breakfast
9.30h - 14.30h General opponent 2-deck, finals (top 4) // Hero sealed tournament
14.30h - 15.30h Lunch
15.30h - 16.30h Farewell

*Normal rules apply, but no rare cards and no cards from the Balrog expansion allowed (sites, characters, etc included)
**Hero only, 1-deck games.

Unfortunately, drinking (alcohol) is not allowed at this hostel. Therefore, no drinking game possible.

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