II. GCCG Nations Cup 2008 (Rules/Pairings/Results)

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II. GCCG Nations Cup 2008 (Rules/Pairings/Results)

Post by Old Tuk » Sun Nov 04, 2007 8:33 pm


The games are 2-deck general opponent, standard rules in use. The tournament will be played in two parts. First there will be three rounds of Swiss System. After this, the top four teams will continue to play in semi-finals and finals. You are not allowed to change your decks at any point during the tournament. In more detail:

Swiss System

* Teams' Tournament Points are determined by adding together the TPs of players playing for a team. Normal tie-breakers are in use.

* In the first round the pairing of players is random. After this, personal TPs are used to see which players will face each other (highest ranked vs. highest ranked from opposing team).

Semi-finals and finals

* Semi-finals will be played between teams seeded 1st and 4th, as well as teams seeded 2nd and 3rd. The winning teams continue to finals, losing teams will play for 3rd place in the tournament.

* The TPs teams got in Swiss System are no longer in effect. Only TPs received from each game (team vs. team) are now considered to see which team will win. The 1st tie-breaker is the number of wins. The 2nd is the game between the captains (see below).

* Team captains will face each other. Personal TPs received throughout the tournament will be used to determine which other players face each other (highest ranked vs. highest ranked).

Other things to note

* The tournament will start 1st of January. You will have one week to finish the game assigned to you. Contact your opponent to decide when you will play the game. You need to report back to miguel (mipevi@utu.fi) with the results by the following Monday morning, 8 AM (GMT). I will post the new pairings asap, and again the deadline is the following Monday 8 AM (GMT).

* To play, you need to have registered your decks before January. In order to register a deck, you need to load it and use the command "/rd". To register the second deck, use the commad "/rd2" (be careful not to use those commands during the tournament, as they will replace your registered deck). One of those decks is vs. Hero and the other vs. Minion. You may add an anti-Fw sideboard to only one of those decks, and must use that deck in every game you play vs. Fw. When you start a game, GCCG should say the deck is registered and in its original form.

* You are not allowed to 'scout' your opponents' decks.

* The CoE has approved an additional pre-qualified slot for Worlds 2007 for this tournament.  The winning team may select any one of their three players to receive the prequalification.

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