II. GCCG Nations Cup 2008 (Talk)

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II. GCCG Nations Cup 2008 (Talk)

Post by Old Tuk » Sun Nov 04, 2007 8:33 pm

Hello all,

the 2007 MECCG season is going to end soon and this means the 2008 one is about to start!

Again we like to play the GCCG Nations Cup to bring the players of the (virtual) world together to pit their strengths against each other. The rules are posted in the threat below. Please use this threat here for the crap talk to keep the other one concise.

http://www.councilofelrond.org/forum/vi ... =3589#3589

Please feel free to contact miguel or me for signing in. Even if you dont know which country you could play for or even if your country has formed a team so far. Perhaps you could form a 2nd one....

You dont know how to play online? No problem, buddy. Just download the gccg stuff and install. Normally there will be someone around for a short tutorial. If not feel free to contact me. After 2 or 3 test games you will be able to play just as normal!

Download GCCG here:

Good luck and have fun !!!

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