On listing events..

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On listing events..

Post by Gwaihir » Thu Sep 09, 2004 12:40 am

Hopefully this board will greatly help out those organisers who do not have a good place to announce their events. For some areas / events however there are already good listings and these will remain the primary places of information on those events. So don't forget to check out the following too:

Event info elsewhere
  • Worlds - the largest traveling MeCCG party around; in a different place every summer
  • the Lure of MeCCG - the largest MeCCG gathering in the World, every March in Burg Stahleck in Bacharach, Germany
  • the Dutch Council's events list - listing all events in the Netherlands and the international events of interest to the Dutch
Out here I suggest to use two threads per event:
  • One thread prior to the event. Preferably the organiser opens this thread with the announcement. He / she will then be able to update (edit) this opening post whenever he has more info, thus keeping all info readily available in one place. This thread is the ideal place for discussion relating to the event, such as questions to the organiser and exchanges of info on how to get there [read: hitching a ride from a fellow player ;)].
  • Another thread after the event, in which everyone reports about the (hopefully) wonderful experience he / she had.

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