The Basic rules

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The Basic rules

Post by _nauku_ » Sun Apr 08, 2007 10:12 am

The Basic rules

Here's is the very core of the game. The rules stripped off all of their complexity. These links are what you need to get started (or restarted ;)). The rulebook itself can be quite complex in the beginning. Please follow this link to Ichabod's rewritten rules This pdf-file helps you to get a grip of basics of the game. After reading this METW rules should make more sense to you.

From here you can find the rules from latter expansions.

You may also find this Tutorial game made by Kris Van Beurden very helpful. It goes through the gameplay of one game, step by step using two challenge decks (ready built decks made by ICE).

Region cards are pretty complicated machinery to use. To help people to move around the middle-earth here is the ICE's promomap or Reiner Lach's version which is more printer-friendly. These maps are valid in tournaments and nobody actually uses the region cards nowadays.

Some of these files are in .pdf-format. To open them you will need Acrobat reader or Foxit reader.
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