Hunting Orcs and Others

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Hunting Orcs and Others

Post by Bandobras Took » Tue Mar 20, 2007 9:15 am

Hunting Orcs

Hero Resource Permanent Event

For any successful strike against an Orc in company vs. company combat, make two body check rolls and choose which to use.  May not be duplicated.

Nor will he count the heads of the enemy save with a sword.  --LotR III

Only Little Wit Can Excuse

Hero Resource Permanent Event

Playable on a Character with 4 mind or less.  When target character would otherwise be discarded, discard this card instead.

You speak evil of that which is fair beyond the reach of your thought, and only little wit can excuse you.  --LotR III

Penance Unfeigned

Hero Resource Permanent Event

Playable only in lieu of a Minor Item at the beginning of the game.  May not be played by a Fallen Wizard.  One Minion Dwarf, Elf, Dunadan, or Man (even an agent) may be played with the starting company.  This character is considered a Hero character for all cards and rules.

When Thangorodrim was broken and Morgoth overthrown, Sauron put on his fair hue again and did obeisance to Eonwe, the herald of Manwe, and abjured all his evil deeds.  And some hold that his was not at first falsely done, but that Sauron in truth repented . . .  --Sil


Hero Resource Short-Event

Discard a Hobbit to cancel all effects for the rest of the turn that would cause a company to return to their site of origin and/or do nothing during the site phase.

"Knock on the doors with your head, Peregrin Took," said Gandalf.  "But if that does not shatter them, and I am allowed a little peace from foolish questions, I will seek for the opening words."  --LotR II

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