Lure X: White Mithril: To the Uttermost Foundations

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Lure X: White Mithril: To the Uttermost Foundations

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White Mithril: To the Uttermost Foundations

Note: White Mithril rules have been extensively revised based on last year’s tournament experiences. Victory conditions now include a broad range of challenges, which will lead your courageous companies to the darkest places of the Under-deeps. The introduction of special Under-deeps marshalling points replaces the strict focus on the three former primary quests, though they remain part of this scenario game. Please read the new rules carefully, especially if you were used to the old rules, in order to make necessary adjustments to your current deck.


Ancient halls, tunnels and caverns plunged in eternal darkness… forgotten realms, artifacts and riches buried beneath the dust of ages… nameless creatures lurking at places without a name… welcome to the Under-deeps!

White Mithril: To the Uttermost Foundations is a Hero-only scenario game with focus on the deep places of Middle-earth. Following the leadership of your mighty wizard, your fearless characters dare to enter this dark world through the east gate of Moria. Surprised by your powerful approach, the orcs withdraw in confusion and you succeed to set up a refuge within one of the countless chambers of this former dwarven-hold. Unknown challenges await your company on their way: It is up to you, restore the glory of Khazad-dum, find forgotten items of great power, defeat the ancient evil of Durin’s Bane, or master one of the many quests to achieve both, power and glory.

‘… even as mithril was the foundation of their wealth, so also it was their destruction: they delved too greedily and too deep, and disturbed that from which they fled, Durin’s Bane.’ - LotRII

‘In that despair, my enemy was my only hope, and I pursued him, clutching at his heel. Thus he brought me at last to the secret ways of Khazad-dum: too well he knew them all…’ - LotRIII

‘We cannot get out… drums, drums in the deep… they are coming…’ - LotRII

Victory conditions:

A player can call the council of the Free People if he/she fulfills all of the following conditions:

- your Wizard’s company has to enter Moria during the site phase and encounter possible automatic attacks (this refers to your withdrawal from Moria, unless it became a Haven)
- you need a total of at least 25 MPs: 50% (or more) of these points have to be ‘Under-deeps marshalling points (UdMPs)’, meaning that you will not receive more ‘normal’ MPs than the total number of your UdMPs (see below)
- you have to exhaust your play deck once

If none of the players is able to call the council in time, the game ends after 80 minutes. MPs of companies at an Under-deep site do count for the purpose of calling the council. More than half of your ‘normal’ MPs can come from one type of MPs (i.e., items). If a player has zero or even negative points for one type of MPs, opponent’s points for that type of MPs are being doubled (this does not apply for allies and factions).

Under-deeps marshalling points:

A player cannot gain any victory points unless he/she has accomplished at least one Under-deeps quest, which is rewarded by special Under-deeps marshalling points (UdMPs). Once a game ends, all characters have to make a final corruption check, before UdMPs are being counted (compare the list of Under-deeps quests below). Subsequently, all other victory points are taken into account to a maximum equal to the number of UdMPs.

Under-deeps quests:

I. Balrog of Moria [5 UdMPs] - unique: Defeat the ancient evil that once awoke at the Under-gates and turned Moria into a shadow-hold. You need to eliminate one manifestation of the Balrog, either Balrog of Moria (requires a 2D6 roll of 10,11, or 12, once Moria’s second automatic attack is determined) or Durin’s Bane (present at the Under-gates subsequent to playing Rebuild the Town at Moria during the Rebuild of Moria quest).

II. Rebuild of Moria [5 UdMPs] - unique: Restore the former glory of Khazad-dum by forcing the orcs and all other dark creatures to withdraw from the ancient dwarven-halls. Play Tower Raided at Moria (3 UdMPs + 3 VPs). Use Rebuild the Town to convert Moria into a border-hold (1 UdMP). With Houses of Healing (special rule), Moria becomes a Haven (1 UdMP). Note that once Tower Raided is in play, both players can proceed to rebuild Moria and receive the subsequent UdMPs. You cannot discard one of your starting items in order to play Tower Raided (i.e., Noldo-lantern).

III. White Mithril [7 UdMPs]: Recover the true wealth of Moria: Mithril! Prepare your search by storing Vein of Arda at Moria. Play Mithril at the Under-gates [3 UdMPs] and store it at Moria [4 UdMPs]. Note that Mithril is considered non-unique, which means that both players can accomplish their search for true silver. However, Mithril cannot be played twice by the same player.

IV. Fury of the Iron Crown [3-5 UdMPs] – unique: Carn Dum, fortress of the Witch-king of Angmar, has always been a threat to the safety of all free people of northern Middle-earth. To diminish the power of this dark-hold, you make your way through the Iron-deeps to reach Carn Dum. You can choose to either muster the Angmarim to turn them against their former masters by successfully playing this faction [3 UdMPs], or you dare to break the power of the Witch-king by stealing his Iron Crown [3 UdMPs] and subsequently storing it at Moria [2 UdMPs]. The opponent may fulfill the alternative option later on.

V. Pass the Door’s of Dol Guldur [4-5 UdMPs] - unique: News have reached you, that a prisoner of great importance is being tortured in the pits of Dol Guldur. Tap Pass the Doors of Dol Guldur during the same site phase your company successfully plays Rescue Prisoners at Dol Guldur [2 UdMPs]. If not already in play, you may immediately play Thrain II from your hand, play deck, discard pile, or sideboard to join the company, in case you possess the required general or direct influence [1 UdMP]. Due to torture, Thrain II joins the company in wounded condition. Store Pass the Doors of Dol Guldur at Moria [2 UdMPs].

VI. The Spear of Gil-Galad [5 UdMPs] - unique: Rumors have reached your company, that Sauron the Great treasures the legendary spear of Gil-Galad deep within the dungeons of his fortress Barad-dur, a place called the Under-courts. Regain this powerful weapon in the name of the free people, by playing Aiglos at the Under-courts (Aiglos may only be played at this site).

VII. To the Uttermost Foundations [6 UdMPs]: Discover the darkest and most dangerous places of the Under-deeps. Deep beneath the evil land of Udun lie the Under-galleries: Spy out the enemy’s caverns and tap the site [3 UdMPs] by playing To the Uttermost Foundations during your organization phase. Untap To the Uttermost Foundations at a different Under-deeps site and store it at Moria [3 UdMPs]. Only the first copy of To the Uttermost Foundations played at the Under-galleries and stored at Moria is rewarded with 3 UdMPs. Any other copy of that card stored at Moria is worth 3 VPs. However, the opponent may tap the Under-galleries by playing To the Uttermost Foundations, to receive the 3 UdMPs for the tapped site.

VIII. Great Things buried there [2-6 UdMPs]: Many rings of power were lost during the centuries of the third age. However, some rings have a will of their own and so it happens that your company might be lucky to recapture an artifact long forgotten. Play and test a Gold Ring at the Under-grottos: Lesser Ring [2 UdMPs], Magic Ring [3 UdMPs], Dwarven Ring [4 UdMPs], The One Ring [6 UdMPs]. You only receive UdMPs for the first Gold Ring tested at the Under-grottos.

IX. Gems of Arda [3-5 UdMPs]: Precious gems lie deep beneath the snowy tops of the White Mountains. Find your way to the Gem-deeps and be the first to play Gems of Arda [3 UdMPs]. Vein of Arda does not affect this quest. Once stored, additional copies of Gems of Arda can be played by the same player at any Under-deeps site [1 UdMP + 2 VPs each]. The opponent may also find Gems of Arda, but the first copy has to be played at the Gem-deeps and it is worth only 1 UdMP.

X. Spawn of Ungoliant [4 UdMPs] - unique: Dangerous creatures inhabit the caverns of the Under-deeps. The Spawn of Ungoliant certainly belongs to the most evil spiders, lurking at the Pukel-deeps and sometimes even beneath Helms-deep at the Gem-deeps. You need to eliminate Spawn of Ungoliant as it appears as second automatic attack at the Pukel-deeps (requires a D6 roll of 4+) or Gem-deeps (requires a D6 roll of 6).

If a player succeeds to kill his opponent’s wizard by one of his hazard creatures, he receives a bonus of 5 UdMPs in the final calculation of victory points. Under-deeps quests marked with the word ‘unique’ can only be achieved by one player. Non-unique quests can be completed by both players.

If both players have the same added total (UdMPs + VPs), then this tie will be broken in advantage for the player who has gained more UdMPs (tournament points 4:2), otherwise this tie will hold (tournament points 3:3). On any other result, the players will be awarded with tournament points according to the relation of the victory point totals applying standard 2-deck rules (6:0, 5:1, 4:2).


White Mithril: To the Uttermost Foundations is played according to the standard 2-deck general opponent rules, whereas the following special rules and chances apply:

- Wizard Draft: Before you and your opponent start with the character draft, there is a special wizard draft (if you successfully draft your wizard, he is part of your starting company). Each player places up to three wizards face down in front of him. You may place two copies of the same wizard, whereas three copies or three different are not allowed. You and your opponent reveal your wizards simultaneously. Any duplicated wizards can be placed into the play deck.

- Starting Items: Each player can assign the following items to his starting characters before the game begins: Two non-unique/non-hoard minor items of your choice plus one Dwarven Light-stone (if you have a dwarf as one of your starting characters) or one Noldo-lantern (if you have no Dwarven Light-stone as one of your starting items).

- Corruption Bonus: Each character gets a +X corruption ability (in addition to his/her current +/- corruption check bonus, if there is one). X is equal to the character’s MPs and the total maximum is +4. For wizards, X is equal to 3.

- Movement: All characters start at Moria. Both starter and region movement on the surface of Middle-earth are not allowed. You can only use Under-deeps sites and their adjacent sites. You can choose to return tapped site cards to your site deck, but they remain in tapped status until you have exhausted your play deck. At the end of a company’s first movement/hazard phase, a character can tap to allow his company to move again (another movement/hazard phase follows). Only one character per company is allowed to do so. If a company stays at a site, your opponent may draw up to two cards (instead of zero).

- Healing: Once during your organization phase, your wizard can tap and heal all characters in his company from wounded to tapped. In case your wizard is wounded, he can return to Moria and heal from wounded to tapped during his organization phase. This does not apply for characters.

- Eliminated characters: If your creatures succeed to eliminate characters of your opponent, you receive VPs equal to the characters marshalling points.

- Moria: Moria is a shadow-hold and considered a Haven for the purposes of playing characters/wizards and for storing items and miscellaneous events but only at the beginning of the site phase (you need to enter the site in order to do so). Only resources belonging to Under-deeps quests can be played at Moria (minor, major and greater items can NOT be played at Moria). Moria untaps during the untap phase, if none of your characters is present. When you decide to enter Moria during the site phase, your opponent makes a roll (2D6), to determine Moria’s second automatic attack:

02: Anarin (2 MP. Elf. One strike with 9 prowess + 2D6 / 9 body. Attacker chooses defending character)
03: My Precious (-1 MP. Hobbit. One strike with 6 prowess + 2D6 / 10 body. Attacker chooses defending characters)
04: Watcher in the Water (1 MP. Animal. Each character one strike with 8 prowess)
05: Watcher in the Water (see above)
06: Watcher in the Water (see above)
07: no second automatic attack
08: Umagaur the Pale (2 MP. Troll. One strike with 14 prowess / 8 body)
09: Buthrakaur the Green (2 MP. Troll. One strike with 15 prowess / 6 body)
10: Balrog of Moria (5 MP. Long Event. One strike with 20 prowess. As long as he is in play, no character can heal, no new second attack for Moria is determined, and he is not represented by a card.)
11: Balrog of Moria (see above)
12: Balrog of Moria (see above)

If you defeat the second automatic attack, you receive full VPs for the eliminated creature. If the creature was unique, replace its description in the above list with ‘no second automatic attack’. Forewarned Is Forearmed does not affect Moria’s second automatic attack.

- The Gem-deeps & The Pukel-deeps: When you decide to enter The Gem-deeps or The Pukel-deeps during the site phase, your opponent makes a roll (D6), to determine if an additional automatic attack appears:

6: The Gem-deeps: Spawn of Ungoliant (4 UdMPs. Spawn. Three strikes with 15 prowess / 8 body. In addition, +1 to all body checks for Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, Dunedain, and Men resulting from this attack)
4-6: The Pukel-deeps: Spawn of Ungoliant (see above)

Special card texts:

The following cards have an edited text, if used in White Mithril: To the Uttermost Foundations:

- Rebuild the Town: 1 UdMP. Playable at Moria only if Tower Raided has been successfully played. Moria becomes a border-hold and looses all automatic attacks. Can only be played at the end of the site phase. Once Rebuild the Town is in play, The Under-gates have a new first automatic attack (no second attack):

Durin’s Bane (5 UdMPs. Manifestation of Balrog of Moria. Two strikes with 18 prowess / 9 body. This attack cannot be canceled. Any character wounded by this attack is automatically eliminated)

- Houses of Healing: 1 UdMP. Playable at Moria if Rebuild the Town is in play. Moria becomes a Haven for all purposes.

- King under the Mountain: Playable on Balin, Dain II, Thorin II, or Thrain II, if his company has defeated a manifestation of the Balrog and Moria is now a Haven. The target dwarf receives +5 direct influence against Dwarves and Dwarf Factions.

- Returned Exiles: Playable at a tapped or untapped site, where a manifestation of the Balrog was defeated and if the influence check is greater than 12. Standard modifications: King under the Mountain (+5), other Dwarves (+2).

- Aiglos: Only playable at The Under-courts.

- Book of Mazarbul: Playable at Moria, if Moria is a shadow-hold. You can store this item at Moria, but it gives only 5 VPs when Moria has become a Haven.

- Forewarned Is Forearmed: This card does not affect any second automatic attacks at Moria.

List of banned cards:

All manifestations of Balrog of Moria
All manifestations of Gollum
All minion items
All hazard events that require an agent
Bane of the Ithil-stone
Buthrakaur the Green
Fury of the Iron Crown
Lucky Search
Mouth of Sauron
Neither so Ancient Nor so Potent
Spawn of Ungoliant
The Will of Sauron
Tidings of Bold Spies
Umagaur the Pale
Unabated in Malice
Watcher in the Watcher
Which Might Be Lies

List of unique cards:

Nameless Thing
The Way is Shut

Rules version 2.0 by Timo Lutter
Questions and suggestions can be directed to
Admiral Thrain II, G.A.B. White Mithril Team Leader, Council of Elrond

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