A New Ringlord - one roll for each copy in play?

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Chris CD
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A New Ringlord - one roll for each copy in play?

Post by Chris CD » Mon Apr 12, 2010 4:27 pm

Hi all,

A New Ringlord:
Playable  on  your  Fallen‐Wizard if he has The One Ring at one  of your Wizardhavens.  Only one A New  Ringlord may be played in a given turn. Make a roll during each of your end‐of‐turn phases if your Fallen‐wizard is bearing The One Ring and is at  
a Ruins & Lairs where Information is playable. Add 1 for each A New Ringlord you have in play.  If the result is less than 6, your  
fallen‐Wizard is eliminated. If the result is greater than 9, you win the game.
I've just built my first Fallen Wizard deck:  It's a Gandalf One-Ring strategy.  

My question is:  I move FW Gandalf, bearing the One-Ring, to Weathertop.  I have 2 copies of "A New Ringlord" in play.  It's my end of turn phase.  Do I make one roll for each "A New Ringlord", where both rolls are modified by +2, or do I make only one roll total, modified by +2?  Basically, do I deal with each A New Ringlord individually, or treat them as one event?

Sorry, if this has been answered elsewhere.


Bandobras Took
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Post by Bandobras Took » Tue Apr 13, 2010 3:58 am

As I understand it, one roll for each.

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