minion vs minion/hero One Ring

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minion vs minion/hero One Ring

Post by Nameless thing » Fri Jul 12, 2013 7:28 pm

A One Ring deck with covert company (overt also possible) in the North with heavy attack avoidance. Once the Scroll is retrieved, the company moves to safer sites such as Bandit's lair. Uvatha and Mouth recycle any resources necessary, most importantly the Tests.

Starting company
Taladhan with Open to the Summons

Uvatha the Horseman 3x
The Mouth
The Grimburgoth

Overt variant: Grimburgoth w open to the Summons, Ugluk, Grishnakh + 2x Sly Southerner starting, Taladhan and Pon Opar in deck to join the company (with one We Have Come to Kill in the deck).

3x Dark Tryst
3x Voices of Malice
3x Test of Fire
3x Weigh All Things to a Nicety
3x A Nice Place to Hide
Scroll of Isildur
The One Ring
Down Down to Goblin Town
2x Crept Along Cleverly
2x Tormented Earth
3x A Little Gold Ring
2x Gold Ring that Sauron Fancies
2x Catch an Elusive Scent
1x All Thought it Bent Upon It

SB: 3x Magic Ring of Savagery
3x Trifling Ring
Tormented Earth
2x Not Slay Needlessly
Crept Along Cleverly
Pon Opar
Bade To Rule
Water's Tithe
Forced March

Hazard's vs Hero - many, many possibilities, anything that slows him down (Rivers, Enchanted Streams, Beorning Skin Changers) in order to allow you to as much test rolls as possible
A MUST is Revealed to All Watchers, possibly recycled several times

vs Minion
3x Doors of Night
3x Minions Stir
2x Searching Eye
Umagaur the Pale
Buthrakaur the Green
2x Two or Three Tribes present
2x Choking Shadows (to allow Umagaur/Buthrakaur to Ruins)
Revealed to All Watchers
2x Outpost
2x Redoubled Force
Orc/Trolls creatures mix

This deck won a duel with hero One Ring thanks to the fact that I had been the first to play the Scroll - opponent did not roll the test for the One, I did on the 3rd attempt.


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