[minion resource; vs. hero/fw] Very Stealthy Tribe

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[minion resource; vs. hero/fw] Very Stealthy Tribe

Post by Zarathustra » Thu Sep 01, 2005 2:10 pm

This is a rip of Josh Grace's (ex-)MULE deck that I've seen him play a bunch of times at big tourneys.  Hopefully he won't mind me putting it here now that it's no longer undefeated.


Taladhan / Open to the Summons
Gorbag / Blazon of the Eye
2 Sly Southerner

In Deck:

The Mouth


3 The Lidless Eye
3 The Great Eye
3 Crept Along Cleverly
3 A Nice Place to Hide
3 Deeper Shadow
2 Voices of Malice
3 Dark Tryst

1 The Mithril Coat
1 The Arkenstone
1 Thong of Fire

1 Regiment
1 Great Bats

1 Great Army of the North
1 Ice-Orcs
1 Grey Mt Goblins
1 Orcs of Gundabad
1 Orcs of Moria

Key Sideboard Cards:

1 Voices of Malice
2 A Malady without Healing
backups for each MP category
1 Well-Preserved
2 Long Grievous Siege
1 Scroll of Isildur (vs. One ring Decks)

Play Tips:

The company has hl 3.  With Great Eye, it's hl 2 and ability to cancel one event.  3 deeper shadow and 6 attack cancelers on top of that... yeah, you should be pretty safe.  Cruise up north for the greater items and regiment.  Head to the Misty Mountains for some more factions and the bats.  Malady if necessary (corruption haz strat goes best with this deck).  Elerina is your main back-up.  Baduila next.  The Mouth can be used, but he's better for just recycling Deeper Shadows etc.

MP Breakdown:

Character: 8
Item: 9
Ally: 2
Faction: 13
Misc: 2-4
Total: 34-36
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