[minion resource] Grimby in Eriador

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[minion resource] Grimby in Eriador

Post by Zarathustra » Thu Sep 01, 2005 4:33 pm

This is a nifty little magic deck that can score pretty well with some decent rolls.


The Grimburgoth / Open to the Summons
Lieutenant of Morgul
Herion / Open to the Summons

In Deck:

3 Hoarmurath
The Mouth


3 Tormented Earth
2 Hoarmurath Unleashed
3 Riven Gate
2 Come By Night Upon Them
3 Threats
3 We Have Come to Kill
1 Bade to Rule
3 Dark Tryst
2 Voices of Malice

1 Great Lord of Goblin Gate

1 High Helm
1 Sable Shield
1 The Arkenstone

1 Woodmen
1 Dunlendings
1 Hillmen
1 Orcs of Gundabad

Key Sideboard Cards

1 Hoarmurath Unleashed
1 While the Yellow Face Sleeps
2 Long Grievous Siege

Play Tips:

Keep crossing the Misty Mountains.  The Arkenstone can be picked up at Moria.  If you play the deck vs minions, you'll probably want to switch out the stone for The Mithril Coat.  The key to fast MPs is the :B: combo: Come By Night / Riven Gate / Major item / Threats / Faction.  It's a big combo, but there's only two places you can play the whole thing, and you can probably do without either Theats or Riven Gate.

This is not my best deck, but I think it's passably good.

MP Breakdown:

Character: 10
Item: 7
Ally: 2
Faction: 14
Misc: 2
Total: 35

Posts: 1968
Joined: Wed Aug 06, 2003 9:07 pm
Location: NY

Post by Zarathustra » Fri Sep 02, 2005 1:53 am

PS~ this is a rip of a deck I saw Mikko Vihtemaki play.  His version was better, and, iirc, he didn't go to :B:s.  Instead, he tried for the Great Army of the North (Orcs of Gundabad, Goblins of GG, Grey Mt Goblins, and Orcs of DG, I think?).

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