[hero; resource] Hobos and Gorn Dunk

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[hero; resource] Hobos and Gorn Dunk

Post by Zarathustra » Fri Sep 02, 2005 1:50 am

With this deck I qualified for finals at US nats 2004.  I dunked 3 of 4 games.


Aragorn, Cram
Fatty, Cram

In Deck:

3 Radagast


3 Concealment
3 Stealth
3 Halfling Strength

2 Longbottom Leaf
2 Smoke Rings
3 A Short Rest
1 Master of Esgaroth
1 Promptings of Wisdom
2 Marvels Told

3 Leaf Brooch
3 Precious gold ring
1 Fair gold ring
2 Thrall-Ring (or whatever mind ring)
1 Scroll of Isildur


Whatever, but be sure to have Twilights, no DoN, and 3 Tookish Blood.  Basically, I'd go 'denial' -- play stuff like My Precious, Lobelia, Uvatha, Adu, Khamul, Daelomin@, etc.


One ring
3 Wiz's Test
1 Test of Form
1 Ash Mts
1 Longbottom
1 Smoke Rings
1 MT
1 Fair gold ring
1 Lucky Search
1 Flatter
1 Token
1 Withdrawn
1 wiz's Laughter
2 Old Friend
1 Master of Esg
1 GoM
1 Escape
1 Withdrawn to Mordor

Play Tips:

If you get Rady right away, have him and the hobbits go together.  If you don't, have gorn escort them.  Ioreth squats and MTs.  Annalena draws cards and tries not to die, so good things to do with her are to move 1 region with Short Rest (or move out to Cameth Brin and back with Master of E.)  Basically, first turn, you're gonna move one company to Moria (rad/hobbits or gorn/hobbits) and one to Lorien (Annalena or gorn/anna).  Unless you only have a brooch and little hobbit protection, in which case you probably just want to go to Lorien with the hobbits.  People WILL be packing Mordor in Arms, especially if you use a Master of E to draw early on, so try to get to Lorien with one or two Brooches, the Scroll, and a Ring.  From there, the combo is:
Put promptings on Sam; tap him for Promptings.
Give sam the gold ring.
Tap Rad for Ash Mts.
Jump with Ash Mts straight to Mt Doom (Wold, Brown Lands, Dagorlad, Gorgoroth).
Test en route if necessary.  Skin-changers can't hurt you b/c of promptings, so Rad being tapped doesn't hurt.

Don't forget you can toss a Brooch to save your Cram if you really need the Cram (it's useful for jumping directly from Moria to Mt Doom with Ash Mts or Master of Esgaroth ;)).

Don't forget that you can also enter Gorgoroth through imlad morgul: pick up the scroll at Minas Morgul or cirith ungol if you can.  :D:s are actually safer than :S:s, and you can skip Mordor in Arms that way.

Posts: 1968
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Post by Zarathustra » Fri Sep 02, 2005 1:52 am

PS~ This deck was ripped from one I saw Mikko Vihtemaki play on GCCG.

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