[balrog resources] Mind Ring Monstrosity

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[balrog resources] Mind Ring Monstrosity

Post by Zarathustra » Sat Sep 03, 2005 2:20 am

This is why you should use my house rule regarding the mind of characters Balrog players can play from the sideboard and discard pile.



2 Thrall-Ring

Characters in Deck:

3 The Balrog
1 Buthrakaur


3 Dark Tryst
2 Voices of Malice
2 Great Shadow
3 The Under-Roads
1 Threats
3 I'll be At your Heels
1 Orcs of Moria
1 Stinker
3 Dwarven Light-Stone
3 Noldo-Lantern
1 Book of Westmarch
1 Thrall Ring
3 Binding Ring
3 Troth Ring


2 Rumor of the One
1 Tribute Garnered
1 Sudden Call
1 Voices of Malice
3 Orc-Tracker
3 Troll Lout
3 Hill Troll

Play Tips:

Be lame.  Just go up and down between the two hog-havens all game.  You can get multiple versions of each site out by playing new characters at the sites and by splitting companies: having one leave and having one stay.  With each new untapped haven, you can play a card to tap the site (either a hero item worth 0 MPs or the Orcs of Stinker) and then a mind ring as a free minor item.  Each mind ring becomes worth 1 MP when you play Rumor of the One right after you exaust.  The extra copy of Rumor is just for backup: remember that it cannot be duplicated.

Just store the rings and lamps as you go, since they're worth as much or more to you stored as they are on your characters.  And they won't corrupt anyone if stored.  The only reason to keep rings is so that you can get more characters into play.  Always store the hero items.  My precious will suck, as that will force you go outsite a haven to grab an ally.  Rolled Down also sucks, but storing will protect you against it.

MP Breakdown:

Character: 18 (only 15 will count)
Item: 9
Ally: 2
Faction: 3
Misc: 1
Total: 30

If you wanna go grab the ancient black axe and the nasty slimy thing or something at the underleas, that would probably be wise.  Otherwise, your character points will be more than half your total.  The point of this deck is to win all games 4-2.  Meh.

Posts: 1968
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Post by Zarathustra » Thu Jan 11, 2007 1:22 am

As it turns out, this deck tries to do something impossible.  The mind rings are not worth 0 MP; they simply aren't worth MPs at all.  As such, they do not become worth 1 MP when you play Rumor.

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