[minion resources] The Werewolves of Lindon

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[minion resources] The Werewolves of Lindon

Post by Zarathustra » Wed Sep 14, 2005 5:04 am

Well, not quite lindon, but nearby: eriador.  There's lots of Wolf auto-attack sites near there, and here's a deck that takes advantage of them.


Lieutenant of Morgul / Strange Rations
Grishnakh / Foul-Smelling Paste


In Deck:

3 Hoarmurath the Ringwraith
1 Lieutenant of Dol Guldur
1 Lieutenant of Angmar
1 Baduila


3 Down Down to Goblin Town
3 A Nice Place to Hide
3 Crept Along Cleverly
1 Hoarmurath Unleashed

1 Bade to Rule
1 While the Yellow Face Sleeps
1 By the Ringwraith's Word
2 Voices of Malice
1 Ancient Secrets
3 Dark Tryst

3 War-Wolf
3 War-Warg
1 The Warg-King
1 Regiment of Black Crows
1 Stinker

1 Palantir of Orthanc

1 Orcs of Dol Guldur (or Morgul-Orcs)


1 Voices of Malice
2 Hoarmurath Unleashed
1 Palantir of Elostirion
1 Back to the Fray
1 Tuma
1 Burat
1 Wuluag
1 Threats
1 Ice-Orcs
1 Long Grievous Siege
1 Tribute Garnered

Play Tips:

The sage and his little friend sit around at Dol Guldur, while the Lieutenant and his two little friends sneak around in Eriador scoring ally points.  They should be able to get most of the ally points and drag the palantir with them without too much trouble.  Meanwhile, Hoarmy comes in, gets Bade and Yellowed, and gives his word to one of the other lieutenants.  He also sends tom, burt, and willy to the discard pile (throw the tribute down as well -- maybe you'll draw it after exhausting), and then fetches them up near the end of the exhaust with Back to the Fray: plays them all at once under the Lieuy (or just play the third lieuy under him, only then they can't move...), and they go off for some rampaging.  On the last turn you should grab the palantir of elostirion from the sideboard (since you can't move once you get it).  With both rations and paste, you should be able to get at least 2 allies per turn with the main company.  This deck isn't amazing, but it's pretty quick and can score a good number of points safely.  Also, it has a cute trick in the sideboard. :D

MP Breakdown:

Character: 12
Item: 3-6
Ally: 11
Faction: 1-5
Misc: 0-2
Total: 27-37

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