[Minion resource, Balrog] The Troll, or Down and Up Again

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[Minion resource, Balrog] The Troll, or Down and Up Again

Post by Zarathustra » Sat Sep 17, 2005 12:41 pm

This is a Great Army of the North which paradoxically uses underdeeps movement to get factions at non-underdeeps sites.  I haven't played it in a while, but as I recall it worked quite well.


Crook-Legged Orc

Gangways over the Fire
Orders from the Great Demon

In Deck:

3 The Balrog


1 Ancient Black Axe
1 High Helm

1 Great Army of the North
1 Goblins of Goblin Gate
1 Orcs of Gundabad
1 Orcs of Moria

1 Stinker
1 Great Bats

2 Descent Through Fire
2 Flame of Udun
2 Bold Thrust
3 Dark Tryst
3 Foe Dismayed
3 Great Fissure
2 I'll Report You
1 No More Nonsense
2 Voices of Malice
2 The Under-Roads


Roadblock will do nicely, if you don't mind being a cheezemeister.

Key Sideboard Cards:

Terror Heralds Doom
Orcs of Angmar
Long Grievous Siege (for Cameth Brin)
3 Hill-Troll

Play Tips:

The Hog goes to Mordor to Descend Through Fire (6 MPs, lotsa DI/Prowess).  Meanwhile B&U use gangways to get to various surface sites where they can play factions.  The deck could probably use some tweaking, so let me know what you think.

MP Breakdown:

Character: 11
Item: 6
Ally: 3
Faction: 8-10
Misc: 0-3
Total: 28-31

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