[fallen gandalf resource] Annexing the Anduin

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[fallen gandalf resource] Annexing the Anduin

Post by Zarathustra » Mon Sep 19, 2005 3:03 pm

Cool deck that sticks almost entirely to :F:s in :b:s.  I.e., unexpectedly safe.


Firiel / Thrall of the Voice
Faramir / Blazon of the Eye
Asternak / Gandalf's Friend / Horn of Anor

Thrall of the Voice

In Deck:

Theoden (for the other Thrall)
3 Gandalf


1 A Chance Meeting
2 Dark Quarrels
1 Token of Goodwill
1 Longbottom Leaf
1 Marvels Told
2 Crooked Promptings
2 Dark Tryst
2 Ready to His Will
2 Voices of Malice

3 Chambers in the Royal Court
1 Give Welcome to the Unexpected
1 Grey Embassy
1 Guarded Haven
1 Wizard's Myrmidon
1 Wizard's Trove

1 Durin's Axe
1 Sapling of the White Tree

1 Shadowfax
1 Leaflock

1 Beornings
1 Riders of Rohan
1 The Great Eagles
1 Wood-Elves

Key Sideboard Cards:

1 Keys of Orthanc
1 The White Tree
1 Guarded Haven
1 Mischief in a Mean Way
1 Wild Steeds
1 Await the Onset
1 Legacy of Smiths
1 Gwaihir
1 Safe From the Shadow

Play Tips:

Just keep the starting company together as long as necessary.  They're safer that way.  Firiel can be your VoM-queen, and asternak with both horn and blazon can be the influence monster (+8 = auto for all).  Split the horn off and give it to Faramir if you're afraid of Asternak getting Adunaphel'd.  If possible, get 2 protected wiz:H:s and drop Await the Onset for a big 5 MPs.  2 Guardeds and Trove should make that possible.

MP Breakdown:

Character: 13
Item: 5
Faction: 11
Ally: 4
Misc: 5-10
Total: 39-43

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