[Fallen Saruman] Gems of the Isen

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[Fallen Saruman] Gems of the Isen

Post by Bandobras Took » Mon Aug 08, 2005 11:35 pm

Unlike most of the bizarre decks that spring from my mind, this one actually seems to work. :)

Starting Company:
Balin w/The Forge-master

Threlin w/Wizard's Myrmidon
Broin w/Star-Glass
Kili or Oin, depending on personal preference w/Star-Glass

Other Characters:
Kili or Oin, whichever isn't in your starting company.

2 x Gems of Arda
2 x Dwarven Light-stone
2 x Noldo-lantern
Vile Fumes

Other Resources:
2 x Ready to His Will
2 x Voices of Malice
2 x A Nice Place to Hide
2 x Vein of Arda
Great Army of the North
2 x Far-sight

Stage Resources:
Fortress of the Isen
Keys of Orthanc
A Strident Spawn
3 x Delver's Harvest
3 x Earth-eater
Great Patron
Saruman's Machinery
Many-coloured Robes

Important Sideboard cards:
The White Hand
3 x Greater Half-orcs
3 x Half-orcs
Promptings of Wisdom
First of the Order
White Light Broken
Wizard's River-horses
2 x Ill-favoured Fellow
2 x Saw-toothed Blade
2 x Old Friendship
2 x New Friendship
2 x Crooked Promptings
2 x Dagger of Westernesse

Play Notes:
Either Balin or Threlin can control Gulla in the starting company.  The other can take one of the three-mind dwarves.  Start at the White Towers.

On the first turn, tap Balin to give a dagger or blade to Gulla.  Move to Isengard.  On the next turn, give a dagger or blade to Threlin or Balin.  Every time you're at Isengard thereafter, make sure to give a dagger or blade to somebody.

The key to this deck is swiftly getting a protected Isengard so you can visit the Deep Mines.  Ideally, you can play a couple of Light-Stones or Lanterns, a Vein of Arda, and some Delver's Harvest/Earth Eaters on your first trip down.  Once you've stored a Vein of Arda, your next trip to the Deep Mines can net you a couple of Gems of Arda.  Essentially, your dwarves are going to be mining the dickens out of the Gap of Isen.

If for some reason you can't get the Keys of Orthanc quickly, the Pukel-Deeps and the Gem-Deeps can make good interim sites, though they are a tad more dangerous.

Once you get A Strident Spawn into play, tap Saruman to bring the factions into the discard pile and then play Horns, Horns, Horns to get them in the deck.  Your opponent may possibly be dumb enough to try and Assassin you on your way to Minas Tirith, and that can give you your ally points with Ready to His Will; a good backup might be Reluctant Final Parting and Stay Her Appetite in the hazard portion, though.

This deck can have problems with corruption, but the group of dwarves running around is large enough that tapping for support is a viable option.

Once Strident Spawn is in play, Saruman can also bring the Half-Orc characters to the discard and begin playing them if necessary.

I also thoroughly recommend 3 x Echoes of the Song in your hazard portion; you really don't want somebody else getting A Strident Spawn and the Half-Orc Factions.

Including Balrog of Moria in your hazard portion may or may not be desirable, depending on whether you think your opponent will sideboard Durin's Bane.

Once Saruman comes in to play, you can also be vulnerable to influence wreckers.  However, Threlin w/Wizard's Myrmidon can control Gloin, and you can stick a low-mind dwarf or two under Saruman's DI (Nain is a good choice).  It's a tight squeeze, but doable.

Mithril is included in the sideboard as a ridiculous option; if you ever run out of things to do and have the game well in hand, go for the style points. :)

Note: I edited the deck slightly after discovering that the Half-Orc Factions are non-unique (hits self on forehead repeatedly).  Now, simply pull them in with Great Army, as that has a less broad range than Horns, Horns, Horns.

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