[minion resource; NEW CHALLENGE DECK] Uvatha: Wolves!

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[minion resource; NEW CHALLENGE DECK] Uvatha: Wolves!

Post by Zarathustra » Wed Aug 31, 2005 11:22 pm

Josh Hunholz and I discussed a certain desire that we've heard voiced periodically in the MECCG community: "challenge decks are fun, but there's only ten of them.  Why not make 4 more for the remaining rws?"

Well, today I took that challenge up, and I came up with resource portions for Ren, Akhorahil, Uvatha, and Khamul 'Challenge Decks' that can be preassembled before a challenge deck tourney and used if more than 10 people show up (or even if fewer do, and they just want to try something new).  These decks haven't exactly been honed yet.  For one thing, I only took account of the 3-rares-per-deck standard so far (they are marked with an *).  I havent' had a look at how many uncommons, fixed, etc. are in each of these decks.  However, with a little help, I think these can be made into good, competetive, but not-too-competetive 'challenge decks' that wouldn't get their butts whooped or win every time in a challenge tourney.  Here's the second deck: the Uvatha one.


Pon Opar F
Gorbag F
Odoacer F
Grishnakh F
Lagduf U
Uchel U

1 Foul-Smelling Paste C
1 Strange Rations C

(4 more!)

In Deck:

3 Uvatha the RW F
2 Orc-Tracker C


3 War-Wolf C
3 War-Warg C
1 The Warg King R
1 Regiment of Black Crows C

3 Crept Along Cleverly C
3 A Nice Place to Hide C
2 Down Down to Goblin Town U
2 Hidden Ways C
2 Dark Tryst C
2 Weigh All Things to a Nicety C
2 Voices of Malice C

1 Palantir of Orthanc U
1 High Helm U
1 The Arkenstone P

1 Black Rider C
1 Words of Menace and Deceit R
1 Smaug Roused R


Dol Guldur
Carn Dum
The White Towers
Goblin Gate
The Lonely Mountain

Play Tips:

As with other challenge decks, the sites make it all pretty self-explanatory.  The only real trick is having Uvatha run in Black Rider mode up to the Lonely Mt, Crept Along through the auto attack, and Words of M&D his way to a big 5 MPs.  I don't know what hazards or sb to give this deck yet.  Maybe influence destruction or auto-attack enhancement?

MP Breakdown:

Character: 7
Ally: 9
Faction: 5
Item: 8
Total: 29

Rarity Breakdown:

Rare: 3
Uncommon: 6
Fixed: 7
{c} Uvatha -- Wolves!.dck
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Post by Frodo » Sun Sep 04, 2005 6:16 am

Isn't the arkenstone rare?

Nice theme with Uvatha the horseman 'riding'.

Ooh, either of your hazard strategies sounds cool. Just not another creature-strategy, yawn.

Oh!! What about influence strategy, coupled with difficult-combo creatures like 5-strikers and Left Behind? So Left Behind can make companies of one and really screw up his influence for the Call of Home smackdown!

If you go this route, I'd change the deck title to reflect the influence thing on both the dragon side and the resource side, like "The Word of Uvatha" or something.


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Post by Zarathustra » Sun Sep 04, 2005 6:34 am

Arkenstone is a promo.  That's why it's featured in so many of the challenge decks (3 of the original 5!).



Cool, but it has to work vs minions too... there must be a way to do that....

Sounds good. :D

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Post by Zarathustra » Sat Sep 17, 2005 6:27 pm

OK, had some trouble with things, but here's a nifty thematic one:

3 Alone and Unadvised C
2 Lure of Expedience C
3 Lure of the Senses C

3 Chill Douser U
3 Ghouls C
2 Dunlending Raiders C
2 Corsairs of Umbar U
3 Durin's Folk C

2 Faces of the Dead C
3 Left Behind U
2 Seized by Terror C

1 Muster Disperses
1 Call of Home

Divide and Conquer!  Howzat sound?

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Post by Beornd » Fri May 12, 2006 7:57 am

It´s very nice, if players create new decks and we can play different challange-decks but the decks must work usefull and fair.

this decks draft characters are partly the same like hoarmurath (gorbag, grishnak)

here we have replacements like other non unique characters. in hoarmurath i dont have ths possibility - there are no replacement charcaters in draft only in deck.

so if playing challange-decks with same characters against each other, we should change the deck-characters in draft.

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Post by EspadadeAlquiler » Thu Jun 01, 2006 5:59 pm

I am agree with Beornd, is nice but it sould have different characters, not the same that Hoarmurath´s Deck

Why not try to put other characters? like agents,  if you play 1 Words of Menace and Deceit (R) , maybe you can put into Belegorn to, and also other spirit magic resources.

Smaug is a good faction but very dangerous, maybe, becouse the deck is wolves you can change it by "wargs of Forowaith" (the wolves from Cairn lossadan), and also changue one of the allies war wolf by "Wolves of Misty montains" and also for muster these factions The warg king can helps.

Also you can put the elostirion palantir in the side board to give you more marshaling points...
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