[Minion, Resources, Covert] Smoke over the Anduin

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[Minion, Resources, Covert] Smoke over the Anduin

Post by Tegarend » Fri Sep 02, 2005 9:02 pm

Foul-Smelling Paste
Open to the Summons
The Grimburgoth
Nevido Smod
Pon Opar

Preferred starting company is The Goth with Gulla, Mionid and Jerrek. Elerina, Pon Opar or Golodhros can take the Goth's place in case of bounce, but are nowhere on the same level.

3x Hoarmurath the Ringwraith

Sable Shield
High Helm
3x Smoke on the Wind
2x Seize Prisoners
3x To Satisfy the Questioner
3x Dark Tryst
3x Not Slay Needlessly
3x Orc Quarrels
2x Voices of Malice
3x Weigh All Things to a Nicety
2x Tokens to Show
2x Crept Along Cleverly
2x Bade to Rule

Early game you walk around getting Sable Shield, High Helm or one of the three Satisfy the questioner's, possibly followed by a Smoke on the Wind or a Seize Prisoners - possible sites to fetch them are Eagle Eyrie, Beorn's House, Iron Hill Dwarf Hold and Thranduil's Halls. Later on, use Hoarmurath and the Weighs to side in the woodmen + Riven Gate and hopefully a Gifts, and Blackbole to fetch with the character(s) you can play after using Bade to Rule. No Hoarmurath Unleashed because I am poor ;) (seriously, I have multiples of every Unleashed, but have not a simple copy of Hoarmurath's).

Riven Gate
Long Grievious Siege
Piercing All Shadows
2x Gifts as Given of Old
Sudden Call
Voices of Malice
Orcs of Dol Guldur
Crept Along Cleverly
The Mithril-coat
2x The Tormented Earth
While the Yellow Face Sleeps

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Post by Zarathustra » Fri Sep 02, 2005 9:23 pm

A couple comments:

(1) Why Crept Along?  You're going to :F:s in :b:s.  There's not much to worry about from dragons, drakes, undead, or animals there....

(2) 1 Bade to rule is probably plenty.  Put the Yellow Face straight in instead, I'd say.

(3) Dude, you need to get some Hoarm Unleasheds....

(4) Put the Arkenstone in the SB vs heroes.  Best hazard item in the game.

(5) Put the Scroll in the SB vs. heroes too.  One of the best one ring hazards in the game.

(6) Fitting in a Going Ever Under Dark might be nice, since you have a medium-high hl and aren't going too many regions at a time.

(7) Vs. heroes, you might want a Tormented Earth in the SB in case of CVCC.  Poor man's Power Against the Shadow....

Looks good!

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Post by Tegarend » Fri Sep 02, 2005 9:52 pm

1) Crept Along - cancels wolves, spiders and animals :
- Automatic attack from Eagle Eyrie, the very first site you want to visit (which is otherwise 2@10 attacker chooses)
- Giant spiders keyed to Mirkwood (you start at Dol Guldur and move to Woodmen Town, Thranduil's Halls and Rhosgobel)
- Wargs and wolves are playable in Borderlands.

2) Probably for the best, I don't need the bade early in the game.

3) Yeah.

4) + 5) Absolutely right, but since it is not essential to the deck's strategy, I forgot them.

6) Hahaha ... you're right, it would fit, but I really had to look up that card. Never ever played it before.

7) There are already 2 tormented earths in the sideboard ...

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